Wednesday, May 1, 2013

1st letter from the CCM (MTC)

Hola familia!
well hello family. i know it has only been a day, but it feels like it has been a lot longer than that. not that much has happened but i will try and tell you all about what has gone down. so after you left me at the airport i went on to the plane and sat down and then was forced to move because i was sitting in the wrong spot becuase i am an idiot,but whatever. (just soyou know the spacebar only works like half the time, so if the words go together dont be upset) so i ended up sitting next to this nice mormon lady on the flight to salt lake, andthen once in slc i ran intoabout 15 missionaries and we all flewto la together. afterwe gotthere we wandered arroundand ate food and just got to knoweach other. after chilling in the ariport for like 4 hours we got onthe flight to guatemala. we have been at the CCM (MTC) since 6:30 this morning and have already started speakingspanish and learning stuff. so thats about ithere, nothingtoo excitingyet, but i did get a haircut... i had a cool experience ontheflighttola that i wanted toshare withyou. the flight was only 2 ish hours and i didnt do much, but i talkeda littlebit with a woman who was a student at UVU. she was pretty quite and we hardly talked but as i was gettingoff theflightshe gave me a note that read: "what you are doingis so improtant. people need what you are going to bring to them. this world is slowly forgetting God and light, butthey will recognizeit if you share your testimonty without fear. thank you, thankyou, thank you for your sacrifice oftime. iknow it makes a difference. God bless!" this little act touched me so deeply. it is things like this that remindme why i love people. it reminded me of the importance of missionary work. i need to be here so that thosewho have lost thetruth can findit again. anyone who chooses tosacrifice andspred the gospel will blessed. i know this gospelis true and i love it!! sothats all fromme, ohthanks forthe notes forall the fam,it was sowonderfultoread them!! im not sure whatdays p days are so i dont know when i can write again but it willcome at some point. so yeah. the end.
elder meyer
so it looks like i have a few more minutes to write, so i guessi can tell you about theCCM. there are about 110 missionaries herethat are allgoingto serve in CentralAmerica (missionsinclude guatemala, belize, el salvador, costa rica, panama, honduras,and nicaragua. we have "nortes" (the white people/gringos) who stay 6 weeks and the latinos who only spend2 weekshere. i am already in a district there are 13 of us (9 elders all going to retalhuleu and 4 hermans 2 goingto honduras and 2 going to nicaragua) i am in a tripanionship with elders saunders and elder thun from utah and montrose respectively. they are both great guysand it will be a blast working with them overthe next few weeks. i cantthinkofanything elseto say so ifyouhave questions let meknow.