Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Letter #55 - "BOOM, he was there in church!" San Isidro, Guatemala

well hello there

so it has been another week, and it has been hard.  but it has also been full of small miracles.  the whole time i have been here in san isidro i havent had very many investigators so i have been trying so hard to find some positive people.  we have tried just about everything and it has been tough.  but this week some good things happened :) we have been working very hard with this one lady named Magda.  she is super cool and is in church just about every week.  a couple of months ago her mom was baptized and that is when she started coming to church.  we have been working a lot with her so that she can get baptized.  about a week ago i had a feeling that we should take a paper that we use in the house to keep track of what we teach to her (something that i have never done before in the mission). we did it and she was super stoked to see what all the principles are that we teach.  we are now reteaching everything and filling out the paper together.  she told us that when we have filled it out she will get baptized.  it was such a miracle to get the revealation to use a paper that will help Magda get baptized.  the other very cool thing that happened this week was that a family that got baptized a month ago brought their kid to church.  this couple has 4 kids but none of them listened to the missionaries or wanted to go to church or get baptized, so just the parents did it.  so i have tried to work with the kids and it has been hard, but this week we were walking in the street and i saw one of the sons and i started talking to him and i asked him, "when are you gonnna come to church with us?"  he said "this sunday" and i was like ARE YOU SERIOUS??? and he was like yeah.  and then BOOM he was there in church!!! i was stoked!! so yeah those were to two big miracles for the week..  work has been hard, but that is part of the mission.  i love it here.  well i hope you all have a wonderful week

answers to mom's questions:
i havent heard anything about yener... i think i might call him soon to see how he is doing.  we went back with the girl (katherine) who was so excited to read the book of mormon, she read it, in english (her first language, she was born in seattle) and didnt understand any thing.  so i went over to her house and taught her whole family about what it said and it was a good lesson.  we dont have a lady who cooks for us, we eat with members from the ward every day.  we do have a lady who does the laundry.   our ward mission leader is alan.  he is super pilas as we say here.  he is great.  he is the first mission leader i have had who has served a mission.  he served in honduras.  he has 3 kids has already been a bishop for a number of years and is a very great guy.  it is really hard for me to pick a favorite scripture but here are a few : moroni 7:33, d and c 6:33-34, d and c 123:17, d and c 128:22, and pres. uchtdorfs talk on gratitude.  yeah i am feeling better -i had paracites but i got some pills in me and they killed all of that crap (literally!) that was in me.  the guy who we talked to with the dog promised he was going to church didnt go.  we couldnt find him all week, he wouldnt return our calls, and didnt show up this sunday either... so im not sure what is going to happen with him....

that is way cool about jake and that scripture that uncle matt read!! and also tell jess and chance congrats for me!! those calls are sooooo coool!!!!!


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