Monday, December 30, 2013

Letter 32 - "Eating tamales and lighting off fireworks...." La Blanca, Guatemala

well i hope that all of you had a wonderful christmas, and i hope that your new year is equally wonderful haha.  well for all of you whom i did not get to talk to on wednesday i guess i will tell you about this week, which was quite eventful.  to start off we called this week pweek because it seemed like it was pday (our day of rest) almost every day. monday was a normal pday, tuesday we got together as a zone and had a little gift exchange and practiced a dance that we did on friday (spoiler alert), after that we just were with members celebrating christmas like guatemalans (eating tamales and lighting off fireworks), then wednesday we just hung out in the church eating cookies, watching movies and talking to our families, thursday was a normal day of work, friday we had a big conference with about 70 missionaries where we hung out, watched a movie, had a talent show (that is where we danced), saturday we went to the temple in quetzaltenango with our branch which was awesome.  then sunday was just a normal sunday.  so yeah it was a crazy but way fun week.  

i would just like to point out a couple highlights out of this week... well of course talking with the fam was great but besides that 2 of the highlights were going to the temple and the movie that we watched with president and a bunch of other missionaries.  we watched a movie called facing the giants.  it is kinda cheesy but i actually really enjoyed it.  it is the story of a high school football coach that turns a program around.  i am sending this one scene that i believe is wonderful and it can actually really help us that we can always do more that we think. as i watched it i realized that many times we dont think that we can do something but God is always there for us and with His help we can do more than we think (here is the URL  ) the other highlight of the week was the temple which as always is amazing. we were able to go with mario and reyna which was so cool to see how excited they were to go to the temple.  as we were preparing for the trip i was talking with reyna and asked what she knew about the temple and she only knew that it was the house of the Lord, i tried to start explaining to her what was going to happen and she simply told me, meyer i dont want to know, i just want to go and then i will feel what it is all about.  HOW COOL IS THAT ?!?!?!? that pumped me up because she is so cool and already someone so strong in the gospel!!

well that is about it from me, just thought i would let you know that i attached a bunch of random fotos because my mom always wants more.... i am really bad at taking fotos but i hope you like them.

have a wonderful week, and a happy new year


elder meyer