Monday, August 5, 2013

Letter#13 - Los Brilliantes

hola todos

well it has been another week here in guatemala, and yup i am sweating even as i write this email.  this week i saw the continuation of a miracle that started a month ago.  the first sunday in july and man came to church with his wife.  everyone was shocked because he had been very anti-church his whole life, even though his wife was an active member.  a few days later we started to visit this man and then on saturday i had the opportunity to baptize him!! i feel like i did nothing to help him but i am just so grateful for the opportunity to witness the miracle of the change in Erick's heart.  and this time i baptized him right the first time!!! attached is a picture of me, my comp, Erick, and his family at his baptizm.  also are three pictures of parts of my area, because mom has been wanting pics for so long and i finally got a chance to write at the same time as someone who had something that would let my memory card connect to the computer! 

beside the baptizm the only notable thing this week is that the other two elders in my house are gone.  they have been sent to work in an area that needs a lot of help with reactivation.  with them leaving the size of my area and the number of my investigators just doubled, meaning that i have a lot more work to do this week.  everything else in life is going along just fine without any complaints.

well i dont think i have anything else to say.  hope all is well at home.


elder meyer