Monday, February 17, 2014

Letter #39 - "after the trial of our faith we receive blessings" - La Blanca, Guatemala

well hello

so i dont have a bunch of time this week because of some things we ended up having to do today... so this will be quick
so this week was rough,  after such a great week we had a bunch of people to work with.. we really tried to focus on teaching these people and helping them progress toward baptism but we just had a very very hard time finding them all week long.  no one is home during the day and everyone seemed to be busy in the evening.  that lead to a lot of walking and a lot of contacting, which is not bad but it just makes the week seem really really long and it makes us get frustrated..  to makes things a little worse no one came to church with us this week.
up until the end of the week i had this thought that this week was a test for me.  it was a test to see if i would continue working hard with a good attitude even when there were trials.  although i recognized the test i was wondering to myself if i was passing or failing this test.  i was left wondering this until last night when the elders quorom president came by our house and started to talk to me.  he gave me the names of 3 families where we can go work!!  i was so excited for this and i really have the faith that these people will progress.  this helped me see that i was passing this test and becuase of my work and because of my attitude i was finally blessed.  it reminded me of the scripture in Ether 12:6 that after the trial of our faith we receive a witness or blessings.  i love this work i am stoked to keep work and i love being here

i hope you have a wonderful week


elder meyer