Monday, March 16, 2015

Letter #94 - "Doing the right thing always takes courage!" - Palo Gordo, Guatemala

well hello there its been a long week. lots of divions lots of baptismal interviews, so if all goes well soon there will be a lot of baptisms.  as far as specific things that happened, it was a fun but hectic week.  because that this is going to be a short email....

i just want to share something that i learned this week with all of you. i love the story of Abinadi (in mosiah 11-16) i love the courage that he had to not just teach, but after being kicked out that he had the courage to go back and do it again.  after all of that i love how alma had the courage to then stand up for abinadi to try and protect him. and it was king noahs lack of courage that was the reason that he had abinadi killed.  doing the right thing always requires courage!!  thanks to the courage of abinadi and alma we have the BOM because without them the story would be so different.

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
2 TImothy 1:7
answers to moms questions:
well ereiser still hasnt gotten baptized... im not really sure what is going on... it is driving me crazy. he knows he needs to do it and he says that every time we ask him if he commit. he wants to say yes but then he gets scared and doesnt do it,... im kinda lost for ideas, we have done like everything i can think of.... but i guess we will just keep working with him... things are going good with Contreras; we are doing a bunch of divisions to help out the whole zone and that has been good but exhausting.  im sorry i dont have any pics of the suit, im thinking im just not going to let you see it until i show up at home in it haha!  the house pic i forgot but i will send a funny random pic.  the best food of the week was this really good grilled steak type things that i ate on divisions.  the best thing that i have learned from president is that excellence is not an action but a habit.  what i love most about guatemala are the people.  still not sure when they are going to combine zones, but it is driving me crazy - i just want it to happen already so that i can go to my last area and get to work!  
that's sweet that the ward is going to go to martins cove again!! i love that trip - if i could go i totally would haha.  

i love that quote from pres uchtdorf. i feel like that's exactly what i need to do...have more patience.   I have been kinda frustrated because we havent had a baptism in a really long time, and ive been super frustrated but i guess i just need to be more paient and just keep working and have faith.
well i think that is it for this week, i hope you have a great week

have a great week and enjoy march madness


elder meyer

Sweet very large baptism dress we found in a closet at the church!!