Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Letter #6 - Guatemala City CCM

hola todos
sooooo whats up?? well im stilll here, and besides that there isnt too much to say, soooooo bye
haha just joking haha
but honestly im not quite sure what to say.  i am now in my last week here at the ccm and thats super crazy!! this week has been just like every other week here, except we also got to go to the market and see this big map. a week ago tuesday, we went to this big to scale 3d map of guatemala, nothing too exciting, but there president talked about the book of mormon geography which was kinda cool.  apparently a lot of people think that the city of nephi was right here in guatemala city!! then we went this big 2-story market and that was pretty sweet.  so thats  it as far as stuff out of the ordinary that i have done... but i did finally get that wonderful package, and the dear elder so thank you for both of those!!
as far as spiritual experiences this week i have a couple of experiences i want to share.  on sunday we watched the joseph smith movie, and although i have seen it before it was wonderful!! at the very end right before he is killed he says, ¨brethren shall we not go on in such great a cause?¨ i love that!! and for the first time i realize i am part of the cause.  whenever i get discouraged all i have to do is think ¨shall i not go on in this great cause?¨and then i suck it up and get back to work haha
then one day during personal study i was super scared, because i realized i am a week away from being in the field and i dont feel like i know enough spanish to teach, and then i read doctrine and convenants 31:3-5. i would type it out but i dont have my scriptures on me, but anyways i read that and i knew that i would be blessed, i will receive help and will succeed, becuase God has sent me here to succeed not to fail.
so yeah the church is true.  i love being here, and i am stoked to go teach people in a week
elder meyer