Monday, October 7, 2013

Letter 22 - "The Best 2 Days of My Life!" - Los Brilliantes, Guatemala

well hello again

this week was interesting.  due to things like interviews with president and a day where we went with the hermanas in our district we actually had a lot less time then normal to work, however i can say that this weekend was absolutely amazing!!!! of course i am talking about general conference!! what an amazing opportunity we all had to hear ten hours of servants of the Lord instructing us.  as i listened the scripture in D&C 1 kept coming to mind which says: What I the Lord have spoken, I have spoken, and I excuse not myself; and though the heavens and the earth pass away, myaword shall not pass away, but shall all be bfulfilled, whether by mine own cvoice or by the dvoice of my eservants, it is the fsame¨  in reality the Lord spoke for ten hours this weekend!!!!! as i listened to all of these inspired men and women be mouthpieces for the Lord i realized that there were more or less 3 themes of this comference: faith, repentance, and missionary work.  i am just going to throw up some of my favorite quotes from this weekend.  ¨faith is always pointed toward the future¨- Elder Dube, "doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith" - president Uchdorf, " Hope is never lost" - elder Holland, "you can do it now" - president Uchtdorf, ¨Heavenly Father has been so good to me¨- president Monson, ¨dont forget to look up¨- elder ochoa and ¨exclamation point!¨- Elder Nielson.  wow it was truly 2 of the best days of my life.  i dont know how i could possibly pick a favorite of all these wonderful messages but my favorites would include talks by Elder Holland, Elder Scott, Elder Dube, Elder Nielson, and Elder Ochoa.  as i have thought a lot about conference i have realized that while in the church it is a part of our life to know that every six months we will hear the prophet and apostles speak, to the rest of the world this message appears a little bit crazy but more than anything else it shows that as elder McConkie said ¨God speaks¨ i hope that we all took advantage of this last weekend because i know it can change our lives for the better.  fortunately the opportunity to learn and grow from this weekend is not over because as Elder Hales said ¨the greatest blessings of conference come after it is over¨ 

to go along with conference i would like to share a big miracle galvez and i have seen this week.  about a month ago we baptized maria and she is still going strong and is ususally one of the first people in church hahah. we have been working with her husband slowly but surely.  when we began to teach him (Jorge) and maria he would hide the bathroom during lessons and not leave until we were done then slowly he started listening to us and then began to ask questions.  we have had the feeling that if he would come to church with us just one time his heart would be touched and he would receive the desire to be baptized.  we knew with conference the opportunities that we had to bring him and HE CAME AND LOVED IT!!!! while we still have a fair amount of work to do with him it was quite a miracle to see him watch conference and learn with us. 
i cannot believe that it is snowing back there!! here the temperature doesnt really change all year long so to me i still feel like it is summer..... everytime i remember it is october i kinda freak out because it still feels like july to me haha.  that sucks about the fridge but i guess that is part of life.  is caden old enough to go to priesthood session??? if so HOLY CRAP!!!!  i do remember my first priesthood session with you and the andrews and i remember that i, like caden spit out a california roll, and that you dropped a piece of sushi in your soy sauce and it splashed over everything haha. i also remember conference from 6 months ago when we went and then went to the cheesecake factory afterwards.  as preisthood session was starting i was really sad because i was watching it completely alone. as i was watching it and as i sang by myself in the middle of the conference i knew that grandpa was there watching with me in that small hot room in Guatemala.  

you also in your email wrote about bearing with patience. This is something that i have tried very hard to work on here in the mish, just like you i am very impatient but i try to think about all the things that Christ went through and also Joseph Smith.  i also think about section 121 of d&c that says that if we endure our trials well we will be exalted on high and i know that that part of enduring trials well is doing it patiently.  i am also very glad that you are going to the temple every week, it is such a blessing that we live so close to a temple. i never realized how important and how big of a blessing it is until i got here and havent gone in 4 months (but word on the street is that we are going as a zone a week from tomorrow)
so that is all for the spiritual stuff. here is a quick explanation of the 2 fotos that are with this email.  first this ¨friend¨ we found in our bathroom one morning.  and second.  as i have said i was able to watch conference in english and now you might be asking who did you watch it with, well here is a picture of all the people i watched the priesthood session with.  if you add one sister missionary that is all that i watched the other sessions with hahaha.

well that is all for me for this week.  hope all is well back home


elder meyer

ps congrats to my bro sam for winning regionalls!!