Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Letter #88 - "We are doing a great work..." - Palo Gordo, Guatemala


well it was yet another week here in palo gordo.  everything is going really well.  this week we lost 2 days of work to go to Reu to have a conference wtih Elder Ochoa of the Seventy.  so yeah we were with him in a meeting from 8 til 3, and then hutch and i had to leave and go to another chappel in reu for another meeting with Elder Ochoa from 3:15-6.  then we left to go back to the mountains,  but the meetings were really good!!  i learned a lot, and i felt like the theme of his message was John 7:17

If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.
so its a simple idea but so true; if we want to know what God wants to do, we just do it and then we will know if it is what God wants or not.  as far as the work goes it was kind of a frustrating week in that the same thing happened as last week. we kept focusing on Ereiser and Sulma but they couldnt come to church again, then out of nowhere Erlin and Dolman came. its really weird because when we try and teach Erlin and Dolman it seems like they have excuses to not listen to us and they dont want to commit to get baptized, but they just keep coming to church....

this is the best thing I learned from the scriptures this week:  i love the story of Nehemiah.  he was just such a man and so focused on what he had to do, and he didnt let anyone get in his way.  i love nehemiah 6:3

And I sent messengers unto them, saying, I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down: why should the work cease, whilst I leave it, and come down to you?
we are doing a great work and we should let anyone or anything get in the way.
answers to moms questions:
no it hasnt rained in the mountains the whole time ive been here, but the rainy season is may til october so im not sure if it rains as much here during the rainy season... we almost never eat with members. there is a restaurant that we pay to give us our lunch tuesday thru saturday, sunday we make something in the house and on monday we get something while we are out doing something for pday.  i paid the tailor half for the suit he said it should be done by like the 10 or 11 of february.  the best thing i learned this week is that if i just make sure my investigators are completing their commitments and want to repent, they will be baptized. i forgot to ask pres about the ecclesiastical endorsmenet but we have interviews with him next week.  the greatest blessing of being a zone leader is being able to have more time with pres and with elder ochoa and being able to help a lot of different people.  my favorite person of the week would have to be an investigator who i interviewed for baptism this week - she is so amazing.  a few days before her baptism a ridiculous number of crazy bad things happened, (lost her job, and a bunch of other crap that i cant even imagine) and i interviewed her right after all that crap happened.  when she told me about all of that stuff, i had no idea what to tell her, but then she just told me, "i know this is happening because im gonna get baptized, but it doesnt matter what happens. im going to do it!!" it was super cool to see her great faith!! yes i got the package - THANKS SO MUCH!!

well i think that is all... have a great week


elder meyer