Monday, November 18, 2013

Letter #26 - "The Hardest Week Ever" - Los Brilliantes, Guatemala

hello again

well im still here and all is still moving right along (i cannot belive that november is more than half over) but yeah this week was without a doubt the hardest week of my mission and let me tell you why.  

so as you all should probably know by now in our ward we have 2 hermana missionaries. because they are in our ward, district, and zone, and because galvez is a district leader we spend a fair amount of time with them working and in meetings. as such we have gotten to know them very well and they are very cool.  on monday in the night we got word that the two of them had emergency changes and that president was sending elders to the other area.  it was very hard for us to see our two best friends in the mission leave.  so we were really sad about that.

reason number two - over a month ago we found a really cool family.  they have been coming to church with us and doing it all.  on thursday we had an appointment with them and they told us that they wanted to be baptized on saturday.  we were stoked and all and it was great.  all day friday and saturday we were running around like crazy because we had to marry them too so that they could get baptized.  in all this running around we saw so many miracles and little things work out so that everything would be perfect saturday.  while galvez was finishing decorating for the wedding (pics attached) i went with some kids in our ward to go bring them.  we got there and they informed me that they no longer wanted to be baptized, get married, go to church, or listen to us.  i spoke with them for more that an hour trying to see what happened and what we could do but they didnt want anything.  i returned to the chapel and galvez went and tried again to no avail.  so our family feel through and DANG IT SUCKED!!!!!

so yeah it was a hard week, yet i still feel so happy.  i know that i have received so much help from all of your prayers, and from my Father in Heaven.  as i was thinking about how hard this week was i thought about this super dope video we watched in the CCM.  here is the link. (  so yeah.  the mission is not easy but it is without a doubt worth it.  as i think about what Christ did for each one of us i realize that it was not easy for Him but for Him it was worth it because He loves us.  for me it is not easy to be here, but it is without a doubt worth it because i love this gospel, my Father in Heaven, and the people here.

i hope you all have a great week.  and i hope this week the Heels dont suck it up...


elder meyer


                                                     November baptism

                                               Wedding decorations with Elder Galvez.

                                                      Six-month tie burning on the roof!