Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Letter #5, Guatemala City CCM

whats up familia and whoever else reads this!!
well im still here, still sweating, and still loving it.  that being said this week was tough!!! this was mostly due to the fact that i spent all day saturday sleeping or puking... sorry if that is too much information for you... so yeah the food isnt exactly wonderful, but at times it is really horrible haha. but anyways im still still learning some spainish.  by now i feel quite good about my espanol.  in lessons i am able to say most of the things that i want in one way or another, but my conversational spanish is still minimal, but whatever.  as of tomorrow i will be one of the old ones/next ones to leave!! HOLY CRAP!!!! time here goes sooooooooo fast!! i have been here for a month!! but anyways nothing has changed still the same hilarious companion, a wonderful district, great teachers, and bad food haha tomorrow will be a very exciting day tho... we will be going to a market in guatemala city and going to this big map thing where president will talk about where we think some of the book of mormon events took place so i am stoked for that
since i cant really think of anything else i guess i will share something sweet that we watched today.  we were talking about the importance of the spirit in teaching and in converting and we watched part of a devotional with elder bednar he said something along these line :"if you have the question if a thought is your own or the spirit inspiring you, i have one piece of advice : QUIT WORRYING!!! be a good boy or a good girl, follow the commandments, do what you are supposed to, and then say the thoughts that are in your mind when you teach"  i really love that!! to me its a reminder that if we are living worthily we will have the spirit to lead and guide us.  
well i love this church, i know it is true.  i love all of you too
con amor
elder meyer