Monday, August 4, 2014

Letter #63 - "We should always be optimistic..." - San Isidro, Guatemala

well hello again

so it was a really fast week becuase we ending up doing some pretty cool stuff.  on tuesday we got to go to the temple!! and was as always AMAZING!!! i never realized how great of a blessing it was to have a temple so close to me until i got here, so for all of you living close to a temple ENJOY IT!! and take advantage of that wonderful blessing that the Lord has given you.  also on wednesday i had a workshop that i had to go to in reu which is like a 3 hour drive each way but that was fun..... so yea because of that we didnt get as much time to work as would have liked to but things went well.  so  weeks ago we realized that we were in some trouble because we had almost no investigators. so we went into this week knowing that if we wanted to keep seeing miracles and baptisms that we would have to find a lot of people and knowing and having less time to work made for a very very bad combo.  but we just worked hard, talked with a lot of people, prayed a lot and had faith.  even though we didnt find a lot of positive people contacting, somehow we now have a lot of investigators.  we have seen a few poeple that were positive and then didnt want anything have interest again and then we were able to find some people that had had contact with other missionaries before so moral of the story: things are working out well!!! more than anything it hit me how we should always be optimistic because the Lord is on our side.  we have no reason to be afriad or doubt because Jesus Christ is our Savior and He will always help us!!  
answers to mom's questions:
 hugo is making progress little by little.  an ex stake president in our ward is working with him a lot and we are hoping that everything can happen this month, but please keep praying for him.  yes we have a shower and a toliet in our house.  in the kitchen we have a fridge and a stove.  yenifer is good, and we started to talk to katherine again and thing are looking good there also.  we found a cool lady named brenda this week who says she wants to get bpatized but she has to come to church first.  and we are going to talk with idania again.  the best food of this week was the chicken cordon blue that i ate for lunch today.   everything is great with godinez - i learn so much from him, and this last week i saw a lot of improvement in his ability to teach!! as far as my biggest inspiration on the mission i would say that it would have to be joseph smith for all that he went through and how he just kept obeying and doing what God wanted him to do even though it was hard.  the 3 things biggest ways my mission has changed me is that it has taught me how to have faith, how to love the scriptures, and how to trust in the Lord.  
finally i got dear elders this week - 3 talks from elder holland and one about joseph smith from elder maxwell that was amazing.  speaking of joseph smith he is just so awesome i cannot explain it - i love him and cannot wait to meet him one day!
so yeah to be honest i think that is all i have for this week, i know it is kinda short but thats all i got...  so have a wonderful week


elder meyer