Monday, September 1, 2014

Letter # 67 - "We are always blessed for obedience, we just dont know when..." San Isidro, Guatemala

so it was another week  here in san  isidro and im gonna appolgize ahead of time becuase this kepboard is giving me problems,soim sorry if the words run together, you will just haveto get over it....haha!   soyeah itwas a pretty good week exept that i gotthis cazy cold on thursday that mademe stay in bed allday long but im starting tofeel better now.  so the biggest news this week wasthat we had a baptism.  elder godinez baptized homara.  she is the little sister of maryuri and emily that we baptized a month ago. for me it hasbeen so cool to see that these two girls have developedsuch a great testimonyof thegospel and are so wiling to share it after only being members for a month.  if they can share the gospel and see miracles in their own family for sharing the gospel how much more can we do if we have years of being members??? so yeah that is the coolest thing that happened this week, but i also want to sharesomethingthat i learned this week. i began readingthe old testament this week and was impacted by the number of times i found the promise ¨I will be with thee¨ or something similar to that in genesis. especiallyin the story of joseph of Egypt, even when he is doing the rightand allsorts ofbad things are happening it says God was with him. manytimes wethink that god leaves us in our challenges but in these moments He is helping us morethan we can understand.  it also hit methat joseph had to suffer 13 years (being sold, being a slave, and going to jail) but then finally he was blessed forhis obedience. andthats the way it isforus.we are always blessed for obedience wejustdont know when...

answers to mom's questions:
my favoriteservice that i have done on the mission was chopping down a tree with amachetein a thurderstorm . we are always doing little acts of service and maybe once or twice amonth we do a bigger service project. yesthere wasan earthquake at like 2 in the morning, it woke us up but we stayed in bed and there wasn't a problem.  one thinggthat we are going to start doing is go to the houses ofthe members and show them the missionary work andthe atonement video and then invite them to help us.  in this ward I have only spoken once. godinez is good the only thing we are still working onis having him take moreof the initiative when we are teaching... can i not keep my room carolina blue?? the worst thing i have eaten recently  was the cow stomach soup... 

i will take you up on the  challenge but i have a challenge for you share the gospel with one person everyday this week... 
sorry I have to go - we only get pday until 3 today and then we aregoingto work.  we are doingthis because wehada great mont as a zone andwe aregoingto go to xetulul (the guatemalan disney land, and the biggest theme part in central america) on friday!!
so have a wonderful week


elder meyer