Monday, January 19, 2015

Letter #86 - "Work hard, play hard, but dont forget to work hard!" - Palo Gordo, Guatemala


well it was an unexpected week - why, you might ask?  well on monday night at like 11, I was about to fall asleep when we got a phone call and it was from the asistants.  they said that my comp had emergency changes and that the next day they would be there to pick him up at take me to the office for another training meeting we were going to have with president and then i would get my new comp there.  and that is exactly what happened!  my new comp is elder hutchinson. he is from virginia beach, va. he has like 23 months in the mish and is the MAN!! i love him.  we have only been together like 5 or 6 days but we have already had so much fun together and are working so hard.  we decided that we wanted to have a saying and so our saying is work hard, play hard, but dont forget to work hard!! yeah it is funny but it fits us so well; we are crazy and have so much fun but we are working so hard.  and we are going to the gym every day - mom that should make you happy! 

so as far as the work this week we were able to find a bunch of new people which was great because to be honest we didnt have very many people that we were teaching, but we found a bunch and we are going to find even more this week!! we found this guy named Ereiser (pronounced like eraser) who has an older brother who is a member and we had a sweet lesson with him and then he came to church this week and really liked it!! so yeah that is about it as far as the work goes - it is really picking up!

this week i was reading in 2 chronicles and i read one of the coolest chapters ever - chapter 20.  the whole chapter is amazing. it tells of Isreal and about how they were scared that another nation was going to attack them, so they all fasted - the ENTIRE NATION FASTED TOGETHER and because of that they were saved by God.  i love verse 17:
Ye shall not need to fight in this battle: set yourselves, stand ye still, and see the salvation of the Lord with you, O Judah and Jerusalem: fear not, nor be dismayed; to morrow go out against them: for the Lord will be with you.

we dont need to fear because we will see the salvation of God if we do our part. i also love verse 20:

Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper.

as a missionary i am always teaching about prophets and i love the promise that if we believe in the prophets we will prosper.  it was a huge testimony builder about the importance of prophets and how the Church is the true church because it has a living prophet.

answers to mom's questions:
my comp hutchinson is the man.  i think he might already be one of my favorite comps!! erlin (one of their investigators) has had some problems.  we have done everything possible to be able to teach him but he hasnt been there or has told us to come back another day, its kinda frustrating and im not sure what to do with him.  we know we need the help of his wife. we fasted with her on sat and it was great but then she didnt even show up to church on sunday and that frustrated me..  the part of the gospel that is most difficult for people to accept is that there is only one true church.  a lot of people think that they can go to whatever church and if they are obedient that they will be saved. my favorite part of the gospel to teach is eternal families. every night we spend about 30 minutes calling and talking to our missionaries, twice a week we have meetings with everyone and we take a fair amount of time to plan the messages we give.  about twice a week we go on divisions, and once or twice a month we go to reu for meetings.  my zone is zona San Marcos.  if you could put these people on the prayer roll it would be great: me, elder hutchinson, elders morin, puckett, garboza, morales, calvio, mendez, evans, hermana castillo, and erlin, reyna, helen, dolman, and ereiser.  im mostly adjusted to the cold weater. our house is not heated, but we do have hot water in the shower and there is not heat in the church. hutch is HUGE so we wake up early every day and go to the gym. 
i talked to president  about extending this week and he told me i should ask the Lord and you what I should do, and that the two of you would give me my answers so i want to know your honest opinion about extending.  (I replied that I was happy either way - he could come home in April or stay an extra 6 weeks.  I asked Charlie what he thought grandpa would say - LOVE his response!)   i have no idea what grandpa would say....he might say something like:
``garbage, charles just hurry up and come home i miss you!`` 
or he might say:
 ``charles you are a gentleman and scholar and there are few of us left, and you might be the only one in guatemala so you should probably stay a little bit longer!```
i think im leaning towards extending.  im gonna  pray really hard about it this week, please do the same thing and ask the whole family to do it.  then I will let you know next week, does that sounds ok??
thanks for all of your advice and all you do to help me!   i hope you have a wonderful week and that you work hard and play hard, but dont forget to work hard!

elder meyer