Monday, January 20, 2014

Letter #35 - "..pretty soon things are gonna take off!!" - La Blanca, Guatemala

well hello again

so first of all i am sorry i lied to all of you.  i know last week i said that this week i would write on tuesday, and i told all of you that because it was the plan because today we were supposed to have interviews with president.  then last night we get a phone call telling us that president wont be coming because he wants us to have our pday so here i am today writing.  please dont be angry with me hahaha it was presidents fault hahha dont tell him i said that hahahaha.  so yeah anyways i am still here in la blanca and have just come off one of the best weeks of my mission.  well you might be wondering why it was so great, so i guess ill tell you haha

last week in my eamil i believe i mentioned that we had hit a rough spot and that we thought that to overcome this problem we needed to use members more.  i believe i also said that we met with out new branch mission leader (mario) and we have a new plan. a week ago we started implementing that plan.  now many of the members are more willing to help us but even better than that they are inviting their friends to come to church!!!! because of these changes we are finding more people that are ready to be baptized and are having more people in church.  i would like to give one example of this happing.  on tuesday we received a reference of a less active who just moved to la blanca.  we went to visit her and also met her husband (armando) and his brother (eduardo) we began teaching them and they are so cool!!!! we went back during the week and only eduardo was there but we taught him and in the second lesson with him he told us he knew the church was true and wanted to get baptized!!!!!!!!!! it was AMAZING!!!!!!! it was honestly one of the coolest moments of the mission!!!  we are working with him so that he can be baptized either this saturday of the one after that.   we are gonna work with him and then are hoping in a little bit of time he will be able to baptize his brother!!! so yeah that was dope.  sunday we had some other really cool people come to church and many of the less actives we have been visiting came too!!! i am just so exicted for the future here in la blanca i feel like pretty soon things are gonna take off!!!!!!!!!!

so yeah that was dope, but then to make the week even DOPE-ER on saturday we had a conference with the whole mission and Elder Soares from the presidency of the seventy and Elder Moralez an area seventy came and spoke to us.  it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!  they spoke and told us how important our job is, how much we are loved by the Savior and the prophet  and taught us how we can be better.

so yeah that was my wonderful week.  and then the week got even better when i heard that the BRONCOS ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL AND THAT MY HEELS FINALLY WON (this week i only wore carolina blue ties to try and send good vibes to the heels and it looks like it worked!!!!)

so yeah have a great week,  keep giving my heels and broncos good vibes!!


elder meyer



After an intense soccer game!!