Monday, December 2, 2013

Letter #28 - "and I though Brilliantes was hot...." La Blanca, Guatemala

well hello again family and friends.

so yes i did finally have changes.  i am now serving in a town called La Blanca, our area goes to the beach and we are no joke like one mile from mexico.  i am with an elder called elder delgado. he is from peru and a great guy, he has just over a year in the mission and just like me he started his mission in brillantes hahaha.  we are also living with two more elders that are also working in la blanca they are named elders walton and keller and they are also way cool.  so as the title of my email suggest this area is SOOOOOOOOOOOO HHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!! it is commonly recognized in the mission as one of the three hottest areas in the entire mission..... so yeah i am sweating way way way more here than i did in brillantes so that is that.  it was a lot harder than i thought it would be to say goodbye to galvez and some of the members there in brillantes.  i was there a long time and learned a lot but i feel like i am ready for this next part of the mission.  to be honest we didnt do anything for thanksgiving. apparently we were supposed to get together with our zone and another zone but somehow the plans fell through and we ended up just working hahaha.  i have both the christmas packages and am loving opening something everyday and stoked for the big one on the 25!!! right now our most positive investigators are a family that lives way far away - they are named Elizabeth and Norlando and this week we are hoping to set a baptismal date with the two of them and one of their granddaughters.  the most amusing experince of the week was the change meeting.  it is hard to explain to all of you who dont know the missionaries but a couple of the changes of missionaries i know just made me laugh really hard (the funniest of which was that one of the hermanas that was with me for ever in the ward in brillantes is in my district again hahaha)

thanks for all the updates and stuff about things going on back home and i really liked the story about elder holland that you shared with me, i have noticed here that people have such a respect for missionaries and really see us as representative of Christ not as the 19 or 20 year old boys we are..... it is such a reminder of the weight of our calling and the trust the Lord has in us.  i also really appreciated the two missionary experiences that you shared with me. i am so proud of you and the whole family that you are taking the initiative to share the gospel.  i was reading in the ensign from october talking about missionary work and how every member of the church has the responsibility to share the gospel..

umm besides that i am not sure what all to say.   we spent most of this week getting to know some fo the 80ish members in the branch here as well as some of the investigators that elder delgado and his old comp (elder najeras) were teaching. we have some cool people but also a lot of work to do, we have started to see miracles and i am sure we will continue seeing them as we keep working hard.  ummm im not really sure what to say for this week but ill let you guys know more about life in la blanca next week.

have a great week


elder meyer