Monday, March 3, 2014

Letter #41 - "cuando te abrume pena y dolor‏" - La Blanca, Guatemala

well hello again
so first of all i would like to say that i have more than 10 MONTHS in the mission....... that is CRAZY!!!! it has gone by so fast and even though i still have a very long way to go i cannot believe that i have been here for 10 stinking months!!! 
with that being said i would like to start my update for this week with something way cool that i learned on sunday.  i was sitting in sacrament meeting and i was kinda sad because we only had 2 investigators in church.  and then i thought about my time in brilliantes when just about any sunday i would have loved to have 2 investigators in church.  i was reminded to count my blessings and that everything we have is a blessing from God.  if you look at the subject line of this email you will find the first line of the hymn count your many blessings in spanish (so more or less the translation is when upon lifes billows you are tempest tossed) really recognizing our blessings will help us stay happier in life.....
so yeah on to another cool experience.  last week i told you all about this man named yener that we met and he was really cool.  so here is the update.  this week we were able to put a baptismal date with him for this upcoming weekend.  after puting the date he told us that he had made this decision because he felt something in the church and during our visits that he didnt feel in other churchs. so yeah that was super cool and a good reminder to all of the members to act in a way that they can feel this spirit and be grateful that you can have it with you always
the other thing that was way cool this week was that on saturday in the night we got to go to a stake leadership meeting with Elder Morales an area 70.  he shared a scripture that can and should apply to all of us who are members of the the church.  it is Doctrine and Covenants 103:9-10.  it says:
For they were set to be a alight unto the world, and to be the bsaviors of men;  10 And inasmuch as they are not the saviors of men, they are as asalt that has lost its savor, and is thenceforth good for nothing but to be cast out and trodden under foot of men.
remember that we must be this light and these saviors for others.  as members of the church this is our responsablity.  as an apostle said (i think it was Elder Christofferson but dont quote me on that) that the members of the church may not have a nametag on their chest but they must have one on their heart.  so i have a challenge for all of you this week: share the gospel with someone, better yet give someone a book of mormon with your testimony in it.  that has been an activity that we are doing here and are seeing a lot of miracles from, so you should do it there.
well that is all i got for this week.... oh wait we also had a baptism of a girl from a less active family that we have been working with and have started bringing to church again.  attached is a foto of that and some fotos from some mayan ruins we went to in the morning today.
well have a wonderful week.
elder meyer