Monday, August 25, 2014

Letter # 66 - "The miracles that I had been working for are finally starting to come!"


so it was another week here in san isidro.....  it was hard for a number of days.  i remember Saturday after lunch i was so frustrated. we had been planning on doing divisions with members in the afternoon and both the members bailed on us, so i was super angry and frustrated til the point where for the first time in my mission i didnt want to leave the house to work. but we did, and MIRACLES HAPPENED!!! we found a way cool family that had been listening to the missionaries about a year ago and then after having a good lesson with them, we saw this youth from a different ward, and he said "elders its so great that i found you. come with me, i want you to meet someone."  we went with him and he showed us his cousin who is an amazing guy who understands very well when we teach and is very ready to learn.  so yeah that made me so happy.  i just thought that the miracles that i had been working for and praying for finally started to come, and that was a great feeling.  we are going to baptize the sister of two girls that we baptized a month ago and that will be great, since we are still having some problems with people that we were thinking would already be baptized. things are looking up!!!

in a meeting this week my zone leader showed us this video and it is great i would encourage you to watch it
Answers to moms questions:

today for pday we played basketball and ate baliadad (tipical hondurenan food,  flour tortillas with eggs and beans) they were ok, then we went to a guatemalan goodwill and now we are writing. our district has 10 missionaries and our zone has 18.  my bishops name is hugo and he is very cool he knows his stuff, likes keeping the rules, is very nice, but to be honest he is not very helpful for us(i am convinced it is because he didnt serve a mission not because he doesnt want to).  this week i dont have any new pics but i will send some for next week.  my favorite lesson this week was the lesson we taught with that kid who we found who took us with his cousin.  things flowed well and his cousin understood very very well.  where we live it is pretty safe but there are a few parts of my area where it is a little dangerous at night.  right now we are in the rainy period and it should be raining hard every day but right now its raining about half the days.  i havn't been exercising in the morning but i have the plan to start again.  no more experiences with grandpa but in the guatemalan goodwill there was a pitsburg pirates jersey and i bought it for him haha.  happest thing of the week is having things start looking up again. we are going to take a break with hugo because he does not like that we are pressuring him to get married.  yenifer says she is going to get baptized in december and right now it is looking like she isnt willing to change that idea.  carlas parents wont give her permission to get baptized.  carol has come to church twice and says that she wil be coming every week. carlos is new and very cool.
> i cannot believe that school is starting that is so crazy!!! i remember those crazy days of seminary, school, tennis homework and bed, but those days were so mcuh fun.  so it think that is it, i have uncle chriss email and will send him a note.  have a great week


elder meyer