Monday, February 23, 2015

Letter #91 - "2 showers and 2 toilets!!" - Palo Gordo, Guatemala


so yes i know i am writing in the morning and that is because we have to go down to reu for a meeting with president today.   this was a good week. we worked hard and started trying to find new people because all of those people that we were teaching arent progressing.  we started working more with the members to be able to find more positive people, and little by little it is working!! the coolest thing is that we found this family this week that is super cool, that i am super stoked to work with.  ereiser came to church again and has totally ready to get baptized just that he doesnt feel ready, so we are going to work very hard so that he can get baptized this week before hutch goes home.

this week i also had to talk in sacrament meeting - they asked me to talk about tithing with was very weird because we are always asked to talk about the missionary work.  i found a scripture in Psalms that i loved.  the english translation isnt as good as the Spanish, but it says that we should prove God to see that He is good.  i loved that because it is so true  - for tithing or whatever commandment.  so yeah that was cool. 
answers to moms questions:
yes i am starting to feel better - i am taking some medicine that has been helping me a little and i am using a bunch of vitamins - hahaha. the weather is the same but i am finally getting used to the cold.  yes i have talked to chase every week and he is doing well and really excited to go to byu.  ereiser is so close to baptism.  he was the only investigator who came to church.  bummer!  we are teaching this person named arnoldo who is so cool.  we are still trying to get sulma to come to church besides that we basically dropped everyone else.  the zone is doing alright,  i feel like there are 2 or 3 companionships that are doing really well and the other ones are struggling a little.  ..... the new house is like 3 blocks from our other house but is 3 times bigger and we pay the same. the best thing is that it has water!!  it is still the 4 of us.  we dont have a mircowave of an oven but we do have a 2 showers and 2 toliets.  the suit is finally done, i am wearing it today to go with pres. 
well i think that is about it. i hope you have a great week


elder meyer