Monday, April 13, 2015

Letter #97 - "We can't rest or be quiet..." - Las Brilliantes, Guatemala

well hello!
so it was an interesting week, and we had some good stuff happen.  first of all we had a baptism :) it was my first baptism in quite a while so it was really sweet.  when i came to brillantes i met a girl named dulce.  she is the friend of a member and she had already come to church, she had gotten ready for baptism, but then had some problems with her mom and didnt do it.  and that is when i showed up.  we tried really hard to help her understand how baptism would help her change the way she is and would help her be happier, and when she finally understood this she
got baptized!!
so besides that i just wanted to share with you something cool that happened on sunday.  in the afternoon i was very tired and very unmotivated.  i felt so sick of being in brillantes, and all of our people couldnt meet with us.  i started to read the scriptures because i didnt know what else to do and i read this:  Isaiah 62:6-7 

I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem,which shall never hold their peace day nor night: ye that make mention of the Lord, keep not silence,
 And give him no rest, till he establish, and till he make Jerusalem a praise in the earth.

i love how it says that we cant rest or be quiet and i realized that i what i needed to do. so with that, we left and started working. in the night we found a super cool family that will be coming to church this upcoming week!! the scriptures tell us what we need to do, we just have to do it!!
things are going better in brillantes than they were when i got here, and that is what pres told me i had to do so that is good!  we eat lunch with members everyday and then sometimes people give us dinner.  the best food of the week was this really good fried chicken.  the funniest thing of the week was when i was in divisions with elder garcia who i lived with when my comp was Quiroz, and we just laughed about everything that happened when we were together.  biggest accomplishment of the week was helping the zone baptize 10 people!  i just live with my comp; the house has 3 rooms, a tin roof, running water, and a really gross bathroom with a lot of cockroaches.  yes i am still sweating a lot. on wednesday there will be changes but im not sure where i will be going, there are basically 3 options.  favorite person is angelica. investigators:  we are going to schedule baptism dates with dayan and rolfie today.  we have other people that we are teaching we just need a little more time. well i really hope that the huntzingers move here that would be the best thing ever!! oh my gosh you have no idea how cool this family is.  
 well i think that is about it. i hope you have a great week


elder meyer