Monday, January 26, 2015

Letter #87 - "God always answers our prayers!" - Palo Gordo, Guatemala


so it was yet another week here in fat stick (palo gordo) and it was a great week.  it was the week of the changes which means that we lost a full day of work, but even with that we were able to get so much done.  president had challenged the whole mission to really focus on finding new investigators this week and he said all of those that hit a certain number (for us it was 12) would be able to go to the temple.  we found 19!! and as a zone we found 115!! this is more than double the number we had found in whatever other week that i have been here in palo gordo!! so yeah it ended being a super sweet week.. 

we had a cool experience sunday.  we had like 5 or 6 people that we were hoping would come to church, but we were sure about 2 of them (sulma and ereiser).  we passed by sulma and she couldnt come.  to be honest it made me really discouraged.  we walked to church in silence, both a little bit confused because we had had such a great lesson with her on saturday night.  we got to church and eresiers brother who is a member showed up and said that ereiser couldnt make it.  then i was so frustrated, we had worked so hard, we had done everything we could and then good things werent happening.  i sat down and started to play the prelude music and then i saw 2 families walk in.  in both the families the fathers arent members and we have been working with them but we didnt have that much faith that they were going to come, but they came.  it was such a great miracle to see that we were blessed for our hard work.

as far as what i learned this week, i had a way cool experience.  president had challenged us to read 25 chapters of the Book of Mormon and then pray and ask God again if the Book of Mormon was true.  so this week i hit the 25th chapter since he had left us this invitation. before i began to read i prayed and asked God if it was true.  as i began to read i felt like i needed to read the heading (something i almost never do) and look what it says:

Nephi’s words are true
when i saw it i felt the spirit and also started laughing. it was so amazing that God always answers our prayers. i invite all of you, members or no, to read that Book of Mormon and then to ask God if it is true (even if you have already done it) i know God will respond

answers to mom's questions:

investigators: Ereiser - he accepted baptism for this saturday but has only come to church once, so we have to see if we can get permission to baptize him like that or we are going to have to help him come to church more before he gets dunked.  Sulma - her older brother is a member and she is very interested.  we have taughter he twice and we just feel like she would be such a great member.  Erlin - came to church again, but was drinking this last week; we believe that he wants to get baptized but he is afraid that his family will get angry if he does it. Dolman - his wife is a member also.  he came to church this last week.  im not really sure what to think about him.  it is almost like he doesnt take us seriously when we talk to him, but he wants to change and stop drinking, but we will have to see how we help him.  the best food of the week was a hamburger that i ate today: it had 2 patties, an egg, ham, and a middle bun.  also last night we made warm cinnamon sugar milk and OH MY GOSH it was AMAZING!! yes i can see a couple volcanos but it is hard, because we are on them so it is hard to see them... i havent been able to ask pres about my ecclesiastical endorsment, but i will see him on friday and saturday.  so i will do it.  yes chase wrote me, i cannot belive he is home...yes we are living with elder mendez and elder guiterrez (he is new).  the greatest miracle of the week is that our zone had a lot of changes and now we have amazing missionaries and things are getting a lot better in the zone. 
yeah hutch (his new companion) is awesome!! we are quite the team.  we are the craziest compaionship of zone leaders in the mission,  and maybe the craziest companionship in the whole mission hahaha, but i am just loving being with him.  we work hard, and have so much fun, and there is nothing better than that!!
well i think that is it.  i hope you have a great week


elder meyer