Friday, February 14, 2014

Letter #38 - "echando fuego‏!!!" - La Blanca, Guatemala

well hello again
so this week has been very hectic, but here is what went down.  on monday night we got a call that there were emergency changes and that elder delgado and elder keller were leaving.  they also told us that there would be no new missionaries coming into la blanca, leaving just me and elder walton together.  elder walton is really cool, he is from wyoming and has 5 months in the mish.  so that went down tuesday and that day we also had to go to the doctors because i had a bacterial infection, but dont worry i feel better now!! this week we also had to paint and move into our new house, we had some problems with the other house so we moved.  so after we finally got done with all of those crazy things we had to do, we got to work.  and we worked very hard.

i would have to say it was one of the best weeks of my mission!! things are really looking up here!!!! we reacivated a family that lives super far away and then on saturday we were able to baptize one of their sons which was way cool!! i love this family.  the dad's name is Kardex and is one of the most happy people i have ever met, he always just has this huge smile on his face and is so willing to sacrifice the very little that he has for the church.  i was talking to him one day about the sacrifice he makes to come to church (a 45 minute bike ride) and he said that it wasnt hard at all!! he said that it was way better than before because now they have bikes and their kids are old enough to sit down and be quite in the sacrament meeting so that way he can actually pay attention.  anyways he and his family are AMAZING!!!

besides that we were able to find some way cool people this week and we had 8 investigators in church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is A MIRACLE!!!!!!!! i was SO STOKED!!!!!!!  things here are really catching fire and in the next few weeks we are gonna see a ton of miracles and quite a few baptisms!!! so yeah it was a crazy week but a great week!!

hope all is good back home

hope you all count your blessings

have a good week


elder meyer