Monday, May 13, 2013

Letter #3 - Guatemala City CCM

hola familia and everyone else who desires to read this,
so yeah i know its monday and im not suposed to write til tuesday, but we are having a field trip of sort tomorrow, we are going to walmart!!!! i dont think i have ever been so happy to do that!! its been something i have been looking forward to for like a week now.  so yeah everything here is great!! nothing too much to report.  we unfortunately had to stop teaching Fabio because he had to be passed off to the missionaries out in the field, so that was a bummer but an amazing experience.  from now on we only get people pretending to be investigators which is still good but not as motiviating, but it is WAY harder because they know what all the hard questions are and will only speak in spanish.  spanish is coming along ok i guess.  a couple days ago i had to give a 20 lesson by myself to a latino and that went really well, so yeah its coming along.  i still have a long way to go but at the same time i know ive come a long way! i was able to go to the temple here a few days ago that was absolutely wonderful as usual.  it is super small which is very different than what i am used to.  the food here is alright, but nothing special.  it is hot and humid all the time, but i am constantly reminded by teachers that it will be hotter and more humid where i am going... i cant really think of much else to say except that God knows and loves each and everyone of His children and knows how to help them.  i was having a little bit of a rough day, nothing too bad, just hard, and i was thinking "HOLY CRAP i am going to be doing this for TWO WHOLE YEARS!!! how can i possibly get through this?" at that moment i walked in to my room to find an envelope on my bed.  inside it was this poem:
its not so tough, this path
is but a gentle, upward slope,
though oft may seem much steeper
false peaks robbing every hope.
its not so tough or barren--
flowers blossom by the way
to brighhten when the heavens pour
and sparkle more with sunshines rays
its not so tough, so forward!
we never walk alone.
the small joys will suffice our needs
until we reach our Home.
it was so amazing it was just what i needed!! we also had the opportunity to hear from elder amado of the seventy, which was wonderful.  in his talk he said, "satan is the complete and eternal loser" i freaking love that!!! soooooo thats all i got this week!! ill write again next week either monday or tuesday or wednesday, things arent very organized around here, but yeah.  i love it! its the best! its fantastic!! (from nacho libre in case you were wondering, which i quote nonstop down here)  all is well!! i love being here!! the church is true!!
elder meyer