Monday, April 6, 2015

Letter #96 - "We dont need mediocre members!" - Las Brilliantes, Guatemala

well hello there

so this was a very interesting week.  on monday night i got a call from the assistants telling me that i had emergency changes because they were closing my zone. that was expected. so the next day i came down to the office and i had a pretty good idea about what was going to happen but then they blew my mind when they said that i was going to brillantes.  i honestly thought it was a joke, but then i realized they were being serious.  so i returned to my first area,  and began to sweat like i had when i was here the first time!  right now im not a zone leader.  pres closed our zone and sent me and another zone leader to the zone where we are right now because he said that this zone should be one of the best in the mission and that for a long time it has been horrible.  he told us that we (the 2 zone leaders that arent right now) are incharge of fixing the zone in 15 days (but a week has already passed by) because that is when normal changes are so then we will leave to be reassigned somewhere else in the mission.  i really like the other zl that is helping with this, no he isnt my comp and to be honest we feel like we are making some good progress. we are working with a sister missionary also who is so cool so the 3 of us call ourselves the dream team haha and we match in what we are wearing every day hahaha 

then there was the general conference.  when i showed up to brillantes we had like 0 investigators and only a few days to try and get a bunch of people to come to conference. i had no idea how we were going to do it, but thanks to the help of the members we brought 8 people to general conference!!! so that was just a huge miracle for me!!! so now we have cool people to work with and to baptize before i leave brillantes (i am only going to be here til the 15th) so it gives me a week to do it!!

and then there was the conference, and for me the conference was so hard because the topics were family, family, family, and more family.  so that was kinda hard to keep me focused on the mission when less than 2 months away from going home all i hear is family family family, but conference was soooo good.  i loved the talk by Elder Anderson of the Seventy, and how he talked about the gospel being like dancing, you have to learn the steps and hear the music. we have to obey and feel the Spirit.  i love that example and it was a great reminder to me about how important the Spirit is.  i also loved the 70 who said that we dont need mediocre members.  it made me want to not just be a mediocre missionary but a great one.  there were so many other things that i learned and loved during conference but that is what i think i loved the most.  favorite talk of conference was Pres Eyring in the priesthood session.
easter was just normal work for us, nothing special. i watched conference in spanish because i knew it was my last opportunity to do it. we ate dinner on easter with angelica and she made us chowmein.  (in guatemala they celebrate the whole week before easter. everyone goes to the pools and the beaches and a lot of people drink, that is about it, and then no one does anything sunday.)    yes i was sad to leavle Palo Gordo. a
lready seen the easter video and it is awesome!! well i think that is the answer to all the questions and i think ive already told you everything else :) 
well i hope you all have a great week. 


elder meyer


PS. i have no idea who i want to win the ncaa title, all i know is that im glad that kentucky lost haha


me on a super skectky bridge that we went on today!