Monday, October 20, 2014

Letter #74 - "MILAGROS!!" - San Isidro, Guatemala

hello hello hello

so this was a wonderful week!! we were able to have 4 baptisms!!! it was so cool!! i guess i would like to tell you a little about each baptism,

first - misael.  misael is a neighbor of hugo who was baptized about a month ago.  hugo brought misael to his baptism and since that point misael has not missed a single meeting in the church.  he was baptized and is now prepaing to serve a mission in a year!! he is so excited and loves the church so much.  he is also going to the temple in less than a week for the first time to do the work for his brother.  how cool is this kid??

second and third - luis and alfredo.  they are sons of a member who has been less active for a few years.  we started working with her, she came back to church and really wanted her sons to get baptized, but her husband didnt.  we tried talking to him, had the bishop talk to him, and had other missionaries talk to him.  when that didnt help, finally we just started to pray a lot and fast. while the dad still isnt too happy, he agreed to let the kids get baptized!!

fourth - paola.  a little over month ago elder fifita (a missionary in the ward next to ours) lost his wallet, and never thought he would see it again.  then a man walking in the street came up to him and asked him, are you fifita? and of couse he said yes, he said i found this wallet and i think in belongs to you.  and it was fifitas wallet with everything still in it.  fifita took advantage of the opportunity to contact this man, and then went one day to visit him.  this man is named fredy and he lives in my area.  after visiting him one day fifita told me about this family and that we should visit them, so we started to visit them.  paola is fredy's wife and she was just so ready to hear the gospel and is just amazing!!
answers to moms questions:
i have eaten fish four or five times in the mission. most people work in constrution, or selling food.  the majority of the women work.  here in malacatan people dont grow that much food but there are some people that grow corn. changes are the 29th, as far as what president has told me i will be changed but to be honest  weird things happen at changes!   yeah it will be a bummer to not be with godinez any more but i was already sure that this would be our last change together.  im not sure about Christmas - i will have to think about that and let you know.  I don't have a lot of good ideas what to do for exercise, im getting up on time but i just dont know what to do for exercise - if you think exercise bands would be good that works with me..  

so yeah that was my week.  i hope you have a great week


elder meyer