Monday, January 27, 2014

Letter #36 "Satan is trying really hard to keep them away from us!!" - La Blanca, Guatemala

well i guess i should start with the most important thing........ HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP YOU ARE 50 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!   so yeah i just wanted to say that and now i guess i will talk about what went down this week....

so to be honest this week was really frustrating cuz we could never find anyone to teach.............. im not sure what happened but just no one ever seemed to be home, im not really sure how that works but we just were trying so hard to teach all these people that we have been working with and that are progressing but we just couldnt find them......... Satan is trying really hard to keep them away from us!!!!  it was super frustrating..... to make things even worse, it is getting hotter and hotter everyday and i dont how i will survive if this trend keeps going haha.... but seriously....  so yeah it was a rough week, but i know that is part of the mission. there are good days there are bad days there are great weeks and there are bad weeks. i know that we still have a chance to do something special in la blanca in the next couple months if we just keep working hard.  so yeah thats what happened here.

i would just like to share a story and spiritual thought that was part of a talk i gave on sunday in sacrament meeting.  according to the story (i dont remember the details that well, i just remember that brother ashburn one sunday told it years ago in teachers quorom) the church was preparing to build a chappel in a city for the ward that had been growing.  as usual the church asks the members to achieve goals to qualify for the chapel, this time the church wanted the members to donate a certain amount of money to go into the costs of building the building.  the bishop went to every house of the members to ask for money.  finally he went to the richest member of the ward and asked him for money.  the man wrote a check for $10,000 and gave it to the bishop.  the bishop said that he should donate more.  the man said bishop i know this is more than any other member has donated and with this money we will meet the goal.  the bishop said i am here for the Lord asking you for a sacrifice and this isnt a sacrifice.  the man thought, took back the check ripped it up and said i will give Him more - something that is a sacrifice.  i was thinking a lot about sacrifice recently because it is something that is asked of us as members of the church, it is necessary to sacrifice to receive blessings and one day exaltation.  we must remember that it isnt a sacrifice if it doesnt hurt. we must give up things we like and do things that are hard and for making these sacrifices for the Lord we will be blessed

so yeah that is all i got for this week, but before i forget i want to giver a huge shoutout to my cousin Nate who just this week got his mission call to california, anaheim mission speaking vietnamese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so proud of him and the sacrifice he is about to make

well have a wonderful week


elder meyer



Pictures from Pday when the missionaries hiked up a riverbed.