Monday, October 27, 2014

Letter #75 - "Last week in San Isidro!" - San Isidro, Guatemala


so this was my last week in san isidro.  please dont ask me where i am going because i still dont know but yes i do know that i will be leaaving. so to be honest this week was kind of a sad way to end my time in san isidro because, well we worked hard this week but didnt see much success...  after the 4 baptisms a week ago we realized that we didnt really have many investigatores and that we needed to find people like crazy.  we were working hard to find new people.  we really tried to focus on working with the members to find people that are more positive and more likely to progress and be baptized, but unfortuantely it didnt go very well for us this week. 

on a happier note, saturday was very cool because Preisdent gave us permission to go the the temple with our converts.  we were able to go to the temple with hugo, his wife, misael, yelmer,  and a couple other people that got baptized before i got to san isidro.  that was a very cool experience to be with them when the entered the temple for the first time.  it just helped remind me how important it is go to the temple because it is the house of the Lord and that we can feel the spirit more strongly there than in any other place.  so yeah i think that is about it for the week.  i hope you have a great week.

elder meyer