Monday, December 16, 2013

Letter 30 - "Christ is the true meaning of Christmas." - La Blanca, Guatemala

well hello again....

well i am still here sweating my brains out in la blanca.  any time i think it cant possibly get hotter, i get proven wrong.... but yeah it was a pretty solid week.  we worked hard and we really saw how the Lord helped us find the people that are prepared to accept the gospel and change their lives.   we have 2 investigators (Reyna and her son Antonio) that will be baptized this upcoming week and we are way excited about that.  we also have some other investigators that little by little are progressing and may be baptized at the end of the month or in january. 

as i have beeen here in this christmas season i have thought a lot about how different this christmas will be than all of the others.  there are the many obvious things without the family, in the heat, different way of celebrating the holiday, but i realized that one of the biggest differences will be that i have been doing my best to represent Christ and do the things He would do if He was in la blanca and will continue doing my best to do this.  let us not forget why we celebrate this day that is coming, and let us remember that Christ is the true meaning of Christmas.

well that is about all i have for today.  have a great week.


elder meyer