Monday, October 6, 2014

Letter #72 - "General Conference is Awesome!" - San Isidro, Guatemala

well hello again

so this week was general conference.  and it was awesome!!! president really had us focus on getting as many people as possible to conference,  so all week long we talked to as many people as possible and we shared this scripture:  Numbers 12:6,8

6.  And he said, Hear now my words: If there be a prophet among you, I the Lord will make myself known unto him in a visionand will speak unto him in a dream.
8.  With him will I speak mouth to mouth
so yeah i really like that scripture because it teaches us that prophets do speak with God and so for that we should really really listen to him and we should not let conference end right now; we have to study what they said and then apply it. 

with all of that being said, we were able to bring 12 people to conference!!! for me that is a huge miracle!! for that im super excited to be able to work with all of these people!! it was very interesting for me to see that many of the people we invited and thought would come didn't, but many of the people that we had stopped working with or didnt even know came.  for me it was so great to see that the Lord blesses us for working hard, even if the people that we were invited didn't come, He noticed that we were working and praying for people to come so He blessed us.  

answers to moms questions:
um i would have to say my favorite was bednars talk. i also really liked pres uchtdorfs in the priesthood session.  i watched four of the five sessions in spanish .... most of the people come sunday to the church to watch conerence but saturday stay home and watch in their houses... we had 12 investigatores in the conference!! godinez is good -  im really liking being with him.  he is from honduras.  yes my debit card expires at the end of this month...  in the house we just have an eletric stove that takes more than 20 minutes to heat up and a fridge... that is it... we have lights, a shower and a toilet. there is running water but it is so cold. i will be district leader next change.

that is great that kelsey watched conference with you!! do you know if she is thinking about baptism?? any other updates on her??  that is great for sam and that is a bummer for zac about tennis but he will have more opportunities.  
well i think that is it - i hope you have a wonderful week and that all goes well in state.

elder meyer