Monday, April 27, 2015

Letter #99 "...looking to end my mission on a bang!!: - Mazate Las Flores, Guatemala

well, it was a great week!  after all of this time here things start to seem kinda repetitive but i want to let you all know what happened this week. so going into this week we knew we needed to change some things in our own area because we werent seeing the results that we wanted. we started to visit the members to ask for their help,  and it worked so well!! just 2 quick examples:  we went with the lady that washes our clothes.  we showed up to her house and she said, elders met my parents, they want to join the church.  we said really and her parents said yes.  so we are going to teach them this week and they should be baptized soon!! then on saturday after lunch with a family we decided to teach them about sharing the gospel. when we finished the mom told us that her daughter had been taking her friend to seminary for a year and had come on a few sundays to church.  so we found her and she came to church!! miracles of working with memebers.  so right now things are going pretty dang well and we are looking to end my mission on a bang!!  all the members need to remember what a great help they can be to the missionaries - do it!!

answers to moms questions:
mazate is a pretty big city but i have no idea ho many peopel live here.. here a lot of the people have cars (people here are pretty well off for the most part). my zone is mazate las flores. there are 20 missionaries in the zone. yes elder cook is in my zone and i love him so much. we were together in malacatan when i was training godinez and he is such a cool guy (we are talking about maybe rooming together at byu not this upcoming year but the year after that). i live like an hour and a half from the office of the mission. we have a cool mission leader named cesar who is very good. yes it is very hot here. we pay a lady to wash our clothes and the members here give us lunch, some times dinner and we pay a lady to make us breakfast.  it was a great miracle that we had 3 people in church and we re looking forward to having a lot of people for baptism this month!! 

sounds like it is was a fun but crazy week.  get some rest so that way we can party when i get home haha.   this week i learnd how hard satan works to keep people from getting baptized. we had 5 people in the zone that as of friday night were going to get baptized that then on saturady didnt want to anymore, and some had some crazy things happen, so help all of your friends a lot. 

well im sorry but i cant really think of anything else to write, so i hope you all have a great week


elder meyer