Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Letter # 85 - "It has been a crazy week!!" - Palo Gordo, Guatemala

hey family it has been a crazy week -  so i guess ill let you know about it.  on monday we were on buses for like 5 hours to go to the mission home to have a meeting with president. we were there for most of the day monday, we stayed in a hotel that night and then were in meetings with him all day tuesday.  it was a long time but it was so amazing!! the best thing was that we were able to do was watch "Meet the Mormons".  we were the first missionaries in all of the mission that were able to see it.  it was SO COOL!!!!!! it was really weird seeing that guy in nepal knowing that i was watching my family was there.... crazy!!

as for what i learned this week i believe that the best thing i learned is found in 2 corithians 6:2

now is theaccepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation
i love that.  we have to do everything that we have to do and we have to do it NOW!!!! president is now always saying YA AHORA, which means like right now.  so that is what we need to do.  we have to do what we need to do and we have to do it NOW!!

as far a investigators go we are having some challenges.  we are still working with erlin and and try to help him get baptized NOW, but he wants to wait more....  we will see how it goes
answers to mom's questions:

i have no idea what the temp is but I am always cold.  no snow, sometimes during the night things frost over but that is about it. there are both pine trees and jungle.  best food of the week was the philicheese steak that we were given at the zone leader meeeting in reu.  the biggest challenge of the week is just being able to work.  my comp is getting better but the doc wants him to be in the house at six everyday which basically keeps us from doing good work, which just drives me crazy because i want to be a good example for my zone.   so that has makes me a little bit frustrated - hopefully he is well soon and we can get back to our good hard working schedule!  spending time with president was amazing - i learned so much and saw a lot of friends which was great. as far as a package -sweaters, sweats, and any food you want to send me.  i belive i just got chases last email and holy crap it almost made me cry.  i cannot belive that he is finishing - i remember so well when i went to alaska with him.  please tell him congrats for me.  
have a great week


elder meyer