Monday, December 1, 2014

Letter #79 - "The Lord guided us to the right place in the right moment!"

well it was a good week here

so to start off the week we had a great zone conference with president where he spoke a lot of justice and mercy and it was really cool to learn about that. i love how we repent so that we can get better.  some time we think of repentance as a punishment but the only reason that God asks us to repent is so that we can get better.

anyways on to the week.  this was a very interesting week.  i think more that anything i would just like to share a miracle that we saw.  in my area it is very easy for us to get in the door and talk to people, but it is very hard for people to accept what we teach and get them to church, because the church is very far from the area and you have to go in bus and most people dont have money to go in the bus..... but anyway we were working on friday and we werent sure what to do and then we had the feeling that we needed to go visit a convert from 5 months ago.  we went there and there was a woman and her daughter there asking help from the convert. we started to talk to them and the mom and daugther were super positive.  we took their address and then went to visit them on saturday.  they wanted us to talk with their whole family not just with the 2 of them so we did.  they are great people and i am very glad to be able to work with them.  it was a very powerful experience for me because we would have never been able to find this family on our own.  the Lord had guided us to the right place in the right moment so that we can teach this family. so that was way cool!!
answers to mom's questions:
invvestigators update: franklin - needs to stop smoking and then we need to convince the bishop that he can get baptized.  he doesnt have any sort of papers and for that the bishop doesnt want him to get baptized.  carlota, nelson, jose, eduardo - the family that franklin lives with, they all want to get baptized, they just need to come to church a couple time first. helen, marlis - the mom and daughter that we found this week, they should be baptized in december.  pedro - a super old guy that we couldnt find all week long but came to church by himself.  wants to get baptized but has a surgury soon and wants to wait until after the surgury to get baptized....

the bishop loves the hermanas still but now the hermanas are helping us so we are a great team, hahaha! the weather is just getting hotter and it isnt raining any more.  the best visit we had this week was last night we had a very powerful lesson with franklin and his family about the atonement. it was one of the most powerful lessons of the mission. life as dl is good just kinda frustrating - we have had a lot of challenges this month and there are have been problems with quite a few missionaries, but right now things are going better.
so i think that is about it for this week

have a great week


elder meyer


PS a week ago i bought a unc basketball jersey in a guatemalan good will for $1

fotos: me in my unc jersy talking to my an area in my district with minimissionary that lived with us for a couple days this week

my area

me, my son, my grandson