Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Letter #16 -"I will give thee utterance." Los Brilliantes, Guatemala

hello all

so its been another crazy week here in guatemala and so ill try to fill you in on some of the details... first of all i want to start with one of the coolest investigators ever, her name is Maria.  many years ago the missionaries taught her and her family, but her daughter was the only one who got baptized.  her daughter has since served a mission of her own. we have been visiting her a lot, and OH MY GOSH!! she is soooooooo cool!!! the past two weeks she has come to church with her friends who arent members either!!!! if every memeber had the drive to share the gospel that she has the church would grow like crazy!!! we are hoping to set a baptismal date with her tonight for possibly this saturday but we will see how that goes.  
this week i saw the realization of a promise made in Moses 6:32, it says: ¨open thy mouth and it shall be filled and i will give thee utterance¨ we were teaching an investigator named Cristian, earlier in the week we had taught him how to get his answer as to if this church is true.  he told us he would pray and we came back a couple days later to see how he was doing.  he told us that he no longer wants to go to church because he feels like he cannot change.  when we asked if he had prayed he said no because to him it didnt matter if the church was true because he thinks it is impossible to change... my comp started speaking to him and it was very powerful.  i had a million thoughts in my head as to what i could say, what scriptures, what questions.  when it was my turn, i opened my mouth not knowing what i would say, and it was filled.  i spoke powerfully about how with the help of Christ we can do all things, i told him that by himself change was impossible but that through prayer, scripture study and church attendance he will receive the hlep he needs to change his life.  it was super powerful and we will have to see if it made a difference, but wtihout a dout my mouth was filled and i was given utterance.  

well i think that is about it for this week. yes it is still hot.  but i hope all is well back home

elder meyer

                                                              Baptism this week.

                                                                    Charlie's bedroom. (Scary!!)

Elder's kitchen.