Monday, September 8, 2014

Letter #68 - Xetulul - San Isidro, Guatemala

so this week was pretty cool.  the most exciting that happened was that on friday we went to xetulul, which is the only theme park in all of central america, and it was way fun.  it had a couple of big roller coasters and some other fun rides, it turned out to be a way fun day and a great oportunity to have a day to relax from all the stress of the mission life. i didnt take that many fotos because i wanted to take advantage of my time there,  but here are two pics - one is with elder saunders (my ccm comp), elder black and elder amundsen who were all in the ccm with me.  the other is with hermana castillo and hermana gertrudis who were with me for a long time in my ward in brillantes (which is like 5 minutes from brillantes).

so yeah that is the fun thing of this week and now a spiritual thought.  all week long we had good plans and things just fell through. finally on sunday everything looked like it was going to be a great day and then no one came to church.  i got frustrated then in the afternoon we had good plans. we left with 4 of the youth from our ward and they wanted to take us to teach their friends that have shown some interest in the church and i was so excited, and then that fell through.  then we went to look for a less active and that fell through, and then the heavens opened and the rains came down and the floods came up to our knees and we got soaked.  i was super frustrated and then one of the youth had an idea. she said lets pray, we should have prayed before we left the house but we can do it right now.  we did right there getting soaked in almost a river.  when we said amen, things were the same: rain, and no appointments but we had changed and all of a sudden we were happy and laughing about the rain and everything.  while the day didnt end with all of the visits we wanted i learned a very important lesson - many times prayer doesnt change our circumstances, but prayer can change us and our attitude.  so yeah that is what i learned this week.
answers to moms questions:
investigators - david is just about ready for baptism we just need to work with him a little bit more and then hopefully he will be baptized this week or next.  hugo still doesnt want to get married so we are kinda taking a break from him,  he says he is going to do it before december but we will see.  besides that we are mostly just looking for positive people to teach.  im still a little sick, i finally went to a doctor and she told me that i had a bunch of mucus in my lungs that was tough to get out so she game me some pills and now things are finally getting better.  yeah i have heard a lot about the drought. the thing is that before the rain was very predictable from 2 til 3 everyday and that was it, now it is very unpredicatable, but as far as i know here in san isidro there isnt a problem with a lack of rain.  the best miracle of this week was the change in attitude after the prayer on sunday. it helped me get thru a tough day and teach me a great lesson.  i write nate and jake at least a little every week.  i learned about the children of isreal and how they really liked complaining, even after everything that God did for them.  it made me realize that as a missionary God does so much for me but i still complain so im gonna try and not complain any more.   xetulul was way fun.  
i hope you have a great week


elder meyer