Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Letter #58 - "things are really taking off!" - San Isidro, Guatemala

well hello there
so first of all i will start with the big news... there were changes, i am staying in my area but i am now training a new missionary!! his name is elder godinez and right now has exactly 5 days in the field haha but yeah so now in mission terms im a dad haha
but anyway we had a great week!! the last couple weeks seems like things are just really taking off!! we have been working with a kid of a family that got baptized recently and this week we set a baptismal date with him so that will be great to seem him finally get baptized!! it is a total testimony to me of the power of prayers of parents for their children.  it worked with alma, it is working with yelmer and im sure it has worked for many many other people too!! also this week we contacted a house and started talking to 2 girls.  they seemed alright and then we invited them to church and they said sure but all of people say that and then dont follow through, but then sunday - BOOM!!! there they were in the church!! we went back to talk to them again on sunday and i dont know if i have ever met 2 people more prepared for baptism. they have a lot of questions but a great desire to learn more so they will for sure be batpized in the upcoming weeks and that will be a wonderful week.

Answers to mom's questions:
so yeah i was working out in the morning - i did it for like 2 and half weeks but then garcia just left in changes and he was the one who motivated me so this week i slacked a little bit but im gonna do it this week. i just do some situps, mountain climbers, pushups, and whatever else i think is good.  yelmer will be baptized on saturday, zoyli and edania came to church this week and are super positive, mario came to church with his family, we are droping magda, but now teach magda's sister (maryori) and we are teaching a kid who wants to get baptized we just need permission from his parents.  elder quiroz (Charlie's old companion) went to san luis - an area very close to brillantes.  now i live with 3 latinos so i like never speak english haha there are 2 from honduras that are awesome (godinez, my comp and guevara who is amazing) and there there is one from nicaragua who i dont really know that much.  the funniest thing that happened this week was the way in which our zone leader anounced the changes.  he wrote all the names of us up on a white board and he would start making really funny screaming noises and then erase names one by one and it was hilarious.  my favoirte members of the ward are 2 families - one is susy and max.  max is less active but super cool and susy is amazing and makes really good food haha. the other family is alan and mildred.  alan is the ward mission leader and is great and his wife is really funny.  we usually teach like 25 lessons a week.  president is doing good.  the majority of people here want any team from north or south america to win the world cup EXCEPT MEXICO, people here hate mexico haha.    I have never gotten really sick, just random paracites haha.  well i think that is about it for this week.  i loved the birthday package, (yes, I already opened it!) .   im stoked to make the cake and i love the letters and pictures from everyone -thanks so much for doing that and tell everyone back at home that i say hi and thanks so much!!
i have been so very grateful for these last few weeks that have been just full of blessings and miracles.  i have learned recently the power of a good attitude.  today President wrote me and said that calm seas do not make a good a sailor, and neither does an easy mission make a good missionary.  he also said that true success is not always succeeding but never thinking negatively.  so yeah i have been working and getting better at that because as you all know i am the second most negative person in this world, only behind my dad hahaha its a joke dad!! but yeah have a wonderful week


elder meyer
here are some pics -  a generation pic which is my first comp (elder segard) who is now the grandpa, me, and my son (edler godinez)!!
the other is me, garcia and jorgensen -we took that pic to make fun of galvez because he got so  fat in the mish haha!!