Monday, February 24, 2014

Letter #40 - "2 miracles of the week!" - La Blanca,Guatemala

well hello again.

so this week was pretty good (and it was made even better when i heard about my Heels big win over duke!!!!) but yeah i am still here in la blanca with elder walton and i love it here.  even though last week was really really tough, we got through it and now things are looking up again!! i would like to tell you about 2 very good things that came out of this week that were without a doubt blessings from the Lord for enduring these challenges that we have had the last couple weeks.  

first of all on tuesday night we were with our elders quorom president (modesto) and we were visiting with him and we had a little bit more time and he asked me where we were going to visit. i told him that he would take us where we needed to go and that he just needed to follow the spirit.  so we started driving and driving and driving, finally arriving at the house of his nephew.  we went and started talking to him and everything and he is super super cool!!! we taught a wonderful lesson and he and his wife agreed to learn more and to come to church with us on sunday.  we taught them one other time during the week and then on sunday they came to church and loved it!!!!! i have no doubt that he will get baptized soon!!! it was such a miracle to find him and he is just so ready for all of it!!!

the second happened a little bit later in the week.  i was talking to my zone leader about how i was frustrated because i know that we can see a lot of success in la blanca but that i felt like we werent seeing this success because we werent working effectively with the members.  he suggested that i fast to find a solution.  so i did.  last night in a meeting with our mission leader we began to discuss ways to receive more references so that we can find more people that are more likely to progress.  many of the ideas that inspired us were things that the stake president had told us even before i had thought of this problem.  it was so cool to see that the Lord had sent me the ideas and the answer to my prayers even before i had prayed or fasted to receive the answer!!

so yeah this are looking good and we are expecting to have a HUGE month of march (i cannot belive it is march, but that is a different topic haha) but yeah that is the way it is here.  

so yeah i hope you all have a wonderful week


elder meyer


oh i almost forgot... THANK YOU SO MUCH MOM FOR THE WONDERFUL PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!! i loved it soooooooo very much!!!!!!!!
 Service project - looking scary!!
Soccer game in the rain!
 Whipped cream facial??