Monday, September 16, 2013

Letter # 19 - "Little by Little" - Los Brilliantes, Guatemala

hello again

this week i dont have a lot to say.... but i will tell you all about our baptism.  a little over a month ago we met this lady named Maria, she has a daughter who served a mission for the church and while she had listened to many many missionaries she never had the desire to be baptized.  we began to teach her and little by little she grew to learn about the gospel.  little by little she progressed and came to understand and live the gospel.  on saturday she was baptized.  she is a wonderful lady that is already helping us find more people to teach.  her husband isnt a member either and little by little we are working with him.  as i look back on the progess that maria has made i realize how true it is that by ¨small and simple things are great things brought to pass¨ (Alma 37:6)  this gospel is one of progression and all we need to do is little by little, progress and grow.  i also remember a talk by President Uchtdorf where he said something like this; ¨isnt it great that the perfect place for us to improve and live the gospel better is right where we are?¨ i love knowing that little by little we have to improve, but we can start where we are right now.  this is what i have seen in maria - she has little by little improved where she was and now she is member of the church.  besides the baptism there wasnt anything else too big that happened but we are preparing for a big week that we are starting today so hopefully i will have some really good news next week.  

hope all continues to be well


elder meyer