Monday, April 21, 2014

Letter #48 - "TALK ABOUT A PREPARED PERSON!!" La Blanca, Guatemala

well this week was quite interesting and i will let you know why..

first of all this week was the holy week here, to celebrate Easter.  to celebrate everyone goes to the beach, the majority drink a lot, men dress up like woman and dance with a mannequin named Judas, its pretty interesting.... but because of all of that President was going to do what the mission had always done for the semana santa (have all the missionaries sent to the chapels  and have them stay there reading scriptures for two days). so that was the plan until the area president (Elder Amado -yes the one who spoke in conference) said that it wasnt necessary and that even though there wouldnt be many people in our areas we were promised we would find the "escogidos" ( the poeple prepared by the Lord to accept the gospel).  with that in mind we were ready to work, but then President said that even though we werent going to be in the church for two days he didnt want the missionareis who lived close to the beach in their areas (meaning us).  so we were living with our zone leaders and sleeping on the ground for 2 day haha

so with all of that being said i would like to share 2 cool things that happened this week.  first i was thinking a lot about this promise that we would find the prepared people in their houses and that if i wasnt in my area that i wouldnt be able to find these people or that maybe there werent prepared people in the area, however these werent true.  even though we had less time in our area this week we were able to find peeople who will progress.  for example on tuesday night we talk to a lady.  after getting to know her we asked her if she had any questions, she asked us this: " what do i have to do to become a member of your churhc?"  TALK ABOUT A PREPARED PERSON!!  then on saturday we were talking with another lady and at the end of the lesson she told us that she had been wanting to go to church to give her child a good example and so her kids could grow up in a church. TALK ABOUT ANOTHER PREPARED PERSON!!! so the Lord blessed us and even though time was short we were able to find the escogidos.

mom- you asked about an update on our investigators.  here it is:
yener - will be baptized soon, we just need to work with his wife so that she will agree to marry him
miguel - loves the church, we need to teach him more,
ayde - wants to be a member of the church just needs to learn a little bit more
nahomy - needs to get permission from her parents to be baptized
david and meilin - just need to come to church
sharron and alvaro - want to change and give their kids a good example, just need to complete with their commitments
gerson and myda - just need to come to church
so yeah there are the most positive people. things are about to explode with baptisms in la blanca but unfortunately i dont know if I will be here long enough to see it, but that is ok.
another cool thing happened on friday.  my companion and i were invited to a training meeting with president.  it was AMAZING!!! we talked about a bunch of things and i learned a lot, but the best part was this video that is attached here:
it is an amazing video. WATCH IT!! president thought it was so important to us he showed it to us 4 TIMES during the day with him.  

so yeah that is about it for the week, watch the video!! have a wonderful week


elder meyer