Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Letter # 29 - "God knows us perfectly." La Blanca, Guatemala


well hello i am still here in la blanca and all that jazz.  so i guess i will tell you about how my week went.  the week started out really rough, it was a lot of trying to get used to a new comp which was very difficult for me because i was with glavez for such a long time.  to make things worse elder delgado got sick and so there was like a day and a half where we didnt do anything.  but i would like to tell you about a few things that really helped me out this week.  so to start, as soon as getting to la blanca i had this feeling like i will be here for a long time and that I was here for a very special reason.  so i had that feeling but then the first week here i felt like i did nothing that really helped us because i was just trying to learn the area, but anyways one night i called Galvez (his previous comp) just to see how he was doing and i told him that i was a little bit frustrated with this.  he just said, just keeping working, work hard and the Lord will do the rest.  that really helped me remember that as long as i do my part everything will work out in the end.  with that in mind i went into the second half of the week with more determination, more faith, and  more patience.  with that we started to see more success. on saturday we were contacting and it was almost lunch time but we felt like we needed to talk to one more person so we did and she ended up being really positive and had already gone to church a bunch of times with a family member and then she came to church with us on sunday so that was way exciting.  that has been the one thing i have learned this week.  God knows us perfectly.  He knows us and He knows our struggles.  He understands when we fail;  as long as we do our part to do our best He will do the rest. 
well i hope you all have a great week.  and just a quick shout out to my HEELS for beating michigan state!!!!!

elder meyer
A little more info about the new area in a letter to me, the mom:
answers to all your questions:
la blanca is a pretty good size city, there are some stores there and actually a pretty good size grocery store there, but no good places to eat.....  we are about an hour and a half from reu.  we got here in a bus with everyone from our zone and another zone.  elder delgado is from a small city in northern peru, i cant remember the name.  he is the oldest of three brothers, and is the only member of his family, the rest of his family is jehovahs witnesses.  the other two elders that i live with are from utah and  wyoming........  i dont have any pics of our house this week but i will next week.  we have a lady in the ward that cooks for us every day and she does our laundry also.  the branch has an attendance of 80ish and the members are way cool.  all the little kids are way cute and funny but really traveoso (i cant think of the word in english...) there are just the four of us in la blanca.  the christmas call will be on the 25 via skype for ¨an hour¨ we just need to pick a time.  i FREAKING LOVE THE ADVENT BOX!!! THE LETTERS ARE WONDERFUL PLEASE TELL EVERYONE WHO HELPED THANKS!!!! it is also helping me work on my patience to only open one every day hahaha. pday here are different and im not quite sure a typical one but ususally we go to pajapita to meet up with the zone and we watch a movie or play soccer then we go to coatepeque to eat little ceasars pizza and write and then go home. 
well mom i have almost no time this week i had a lot of problems with the computer but the only idea i have for your talk about a disciple of christ is 3 nefi 5 13.  during EVERY meeting after the song and prayer we all stand and recite our purpose as missionaries, d&c 4, and 3 nefi 5 13.  i love that verse and it is message is something that guides us as missionaries to respresant our savior in a good way and to preach his gospel in his way.
have a wonderful week