Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Letter #64 - "Good references are like GOLD!!" San Isidro, Guatemala

hello again

this was a pretty normal week; gratefully things just keep going along well.  for a long time our preisent has been saying that working effectively is working with the members.  to be honest it has been something that has been very hard for me to do because in at least my first two areas the members weren't the most helpful.... but when i got to san isidro i set a goal to work more with the members, and finally i think we are doing it!!! and because of it things are going well!!! we are working with our investigators and they are getting so close to baptism (at times it frustrates me  how close they are, because even being that close they still havent accepted it..) but then for the first time in my whole mission i got a lot of references. for usmissionaries, especially good references are like GOLD!! so now we have a lot of work to do and the member are excited to help!! so yeah that is how life is; its great!!  i invite all of you members to give a reference to the missionaries so that together we can make the work of salvation hasten like the Lord wants!!

on a seperate note, here is a foto from a talent night that we had in the ward this week.  elder godinez, our ward mission leader and i did a comedy act where godinez was writing a love letter to his girlfriend, i was writing it, but the ward mission leader was my hands and we had a funny play on words so that while he was saying his letter i had to eat and drink a bunch, but the ward mission leader was my hands and so it spilled all over the place. i dont know if that makes any sense but it was really funny and this is what i looked like after i was done - haha.
Answers to mom's questions:
we had to drive 3ish hours to the temple. we got to go because for 2 straight months we met our goal as a zone and in july we broke the record for the most baptisms in a month in our zone.  yes we knew we were going for a month but we had to wait because the temple was closed for like 2 or 3 weeks for maintanence.  when we go to the temple we only go with missionaries.  i went to reu tor training becuase i am a trainer (when someone is with a new missionary they are training) and so president wants to be sure that the trainers are doing a good job because bad trainers lead to bad missionaries so he is having a lot of training meetings for trainers.  i know a lot of new missionaries just came in, but i dont know how many, there were also a bunch who left so i dont think the number of missionaries changes that much in the mission.  yes i knew a few of the those that went home like elder segard and elder keller.  no,  have no idea what happened to yener i will call soon to ask about what is going on with him... for pday today we got to go to the house of president in reu and watch a movie with him (forever strong) then we played volleybal and TENNIS!!!!!!!!!! and we just got back.   i havent heard anything about a volcanoe erupting.... we eat lunch with members from tuesday to sunday and a lot of time they invite us to eat dinner with them too.. we are getting SOOOOO CLOSE with hugo and we are also very close with yenifer.  we are now teaching omara the sister of maryuri and emily that got baptized a few weeks ago, and also a lady named carolina and one named alejandra.  things are going good.

it sounds like things are going well back home!! thanks for the quote from that talk and for your testimony. you have always been the best example for me and it is for your example that i am here in the mission today.  

well have a wonderful week


elder meyer