Monday, July 29, 2013

Letter #12 - Las Brilliantes, Guatemala

hola fam and friends,

so this week i completed my first change in the field, meaning that i have been hear for almost 3 months, which is SUPER CRAZY!!! but anyway that also means that missionaries are on the move... i was assured by just about all the missionaries i know that me and segard wouldnt change, and then on tuesday segard was told he was having changes... so yeah elder segard is no longer my comp.  he is now in the mountains (lucky).  i was shocked when i found out that i would get a new comp, but i guess that is the mission for ya!! my new comp is named Elder Galvez.  he is from guatemala, in the capital.  he is a super hilarious guy and thankfully is completely fluent in english!!!!!!!!!! but yeah i am still here in Los Brillantes.  

this week has been a tough one. with changes and everything there was not much time to work near the beginning of the week with the need to say goodbye and then teach elder galvez the area, and then after that i got really sick.... i had ameobas.  for a day and a half all i did was lay in bed... it was REALLY BAD!!! but now i am better!!! 

we are still working hard and sweating every day!! the work in brillantes is not easy because there are already so many members, and everybody who is not a member is either not willing to listen or have been talking to missionaries forever and havent decided to do anything about what they are taught... this makes the work here quite tough but fortunately we are still being able to find people. 

this week with being sick and all i had a lot of time to study the Book of Mormon.  i read all about the stories of Alma, Ammon and Aaron. those guys are AMAZING!!!! but anyway it is so awesome how if you read their stories you can find patterns and attributes that i need to develop here.  one of the things that hit me the hardest was when Aaron talks with the Lamanite king.  the king has questions about what Ammon did and said during their unfriendly encounter previously.  when i read this i realize that if this was in a mission like we have today Aaron would get ¨credit¨ for the baptism and conversion even though the work of Ammon was essential to the kings conversion.  this really helped me because i was frustrated that i didnt feel like i was having much success but that reminded me that no effort i make is wasted.  as long as i do my part and share this gospel and my testimony of it with the people here i will be blessed and hopefully i will plant some seeds.

well that is all i got for this week.  i love everything about being here (execpt for the heat and the creatures living in our house haha (last night we found a HUGE SPIDER in the house))  hope all is well back home.  smile always and do great things today!!


elder meyer