Monday, May 4, 2015

Letter #100 -"I cannot rest!" - Mazate Las Flores, Guatemala

hey so it was another week here in mazate and it was a great week. well, the truth is that it was also an exhausting week!  i dont think i have ever felt so tired in my life. i would lay down and before i knew it the alarm was going off. it was great to keep busy and all but holy crap i am so tired! with my comp we did back to back to back to back divisiones and then finally when we were in our area together we did diviones with the members to get more done. so with all of that travel and work i have felt so tired but it is all so good.  on thursday we had  meetings with president and i was feeling so tired and the honest truth was i was thinking, ¨holy crap why did i extend??  i could be in my house sleeping right now, i wouldnt be so tired, i wouldnt be so stressed, i wouldnt be so sick. what did i do??¨ then president put on a part of a talk from Pres Eyring that says this:

“Wherefore, now let every man learn his duty, and to act in the office in which he is appointed, in all diligence.
“He that is slothful shall not be counted worthy to stand, and he that learns not his duty and shows himself not approved shall not be counted worthy to stand. Even so. Amen.” 9 
We are to learn our duty from the Lord, and then we are to act in all diligence, never being lazy or slothful.The pattern is simple but not easy to follow. We are so easily distracted. Studying the daily news can appear more interesting than the priesthood lesson manual.Sitting down to rest can be more attractive than making appointments to visit those who need our priesthood service.  When find myself drawn away from my priesthood duties by other interests and when my body begs for rest, give to myself this rallying cry: “Remember Him.”
i hit me so hard that i cannot rest; Christ didnt rest so as His representative i cannot rest either.  it is such a blessing for me to still be here and i should take advantage of every moment.  then later on in the meeting we watched Meet the Mormons.  i know that is old news in the states, but it is just now getting to guatemala.  near the end the mother is talking about all of her trials and says that God was just telling her, ¨hold on a little more, trust me, and just hold on a little more.¨ and it hit me again. what i have been doing here for the last 2 years has not been easy and these last few weeks wont be easy either, but im sure they will be worth it. so that was way cool.
as far as work has been going we have seen a lot of miracles. sandra who came to church last week, came again and will be baptized on saturday!! then the family that we found last week (Aureliano and Cicilia) came to church and they will be baptized the following week.  we also had this way cool lady named Isabel come to church.  her parents are memembers of the church that havent gone in a long time, her brother is a member also. we met her a couple weeks ago and she refused to talk with us so we just taught her other sister, then this last week we went to try and visit her sister but she wasnt there, but isabel asked to talk with us. she had been passing through a lot of trials and we taught her how to trust in God and it was a powerful lesson. then we came back and taught her the restoration and she totally understood it and came to church!! so that was way cool to see how God touched her heart and now she is progressing!!


yes it seems like time is flying by but it also seems like i have been here for forever - haha!! it is hard to remember what the life was life before the mission. i love elder vences - he is a great missionary and i love how hard he works. he have a lot of fun when we are together (not that often) and things are going well. sandra will get baptized on saturady.  aureliano and cicilia the following week. isabel came to church. besides that we are looking for more people to baptize. we are going to the gym when we can. in this last week i cant think of anything really bad that i have eaten, the truth is i havent eaten that much because i have been pretty sick and i just never feel hungry.  this week i realized from a few investigators just how willing they are to trust us and trust in the Lord even when they know very little or have had big problems in their life. i like my new suit - it is sweet.  saw pres last week, i think we will have another meeting with him soon. this last time he talked about the sacrament and i loved what he said and it really helped remind me how important it is. so many times as a missionary during the sacrament i am thinking about who came to church and who didnt and what we are going to do with the investigators that i forget to put importance on the sacrament but he really helped remind me what i need to do.   

yes we need to read the BOM every day, every day, every day.  i have learned that in the mish and even though i am trying to finish the old testament before i come home i always read a chapter of the BOM first. 

well i think that is it for this week. thank for all that you do to help me.  i hope you have a great week


elder meyer