Monday, August 19, 2013

Letter #15 - "Be the One", Los Brilliantes, Guatemala

hola todos

this week i have been thining a lot about the power and influence that one person can make.  it all started when i finished the book Jesus the Christ and OH MY GOSH!!! that book is amazing!! to me it is amazing knowing that without Christ all our lives mean nothing because we couldnt return and live with Him and God again.  without the One nothing matters.  while of course this is the most obvious and biggest impact that one person can make i saw it first hand this week in Brillantes.  about a year ago a 16 year old boy named Wilder decided to hear the missionaries even though he was a very active member of an evangelical church.  he listened, prayed, recieved his answer and was baptized. this last week I  was able to baptize two of his brothers!! when he joined the church his family was very against it but we have had the opportunity to talk with his fam, and baptize the brothers, and the parents are ready to get baptized we just have to deal with some marriage problems first.  here it is very easy to get married but very hard to get divorced so if people decided they dont want to be together they just move out and dont worry about a divorce, so before they can be baptized they have to get divorced and then married.  

but yeah in addition to the baptisms this week it was also a wonderful week, after last week where we did everything we could but couldnt find numerical success, we were able to do so this week.  it reminds me of the scripture in Ether that says that we recieve no witness, or in this case a miracle, until after the trial of our faith.  last week our faith was tried but we didnt quit, we kept working and this week we recieved the blessings!!

well i dont think i have anything else to say... hope all is well there.  be the one that makes an impact on others lives.  


elder meyer