Monday, September 2, 2013

Letter # 17 - "Another HOT week!" Los Brilliantes, Guatemala

well hello again!!

so i am sorry but i do not yet know if i am going to have changes.  we will be told tonight if we have them.  then if i have them on wednesday i will leave in the morning to reu for a change meeting where i will learn where i will be going.  so stay turned for next weeks letter to see if i leave and if i leave where i go hahah. but yeah it has been another HOT week here in Brillantes.  i dont really know what to say abou this week, for the most part it has just been pretty ordinary with nothing too special that happened.  but ill tell you all about a couple things that were pretty cool.  on tuesday we had planned to work hard to find a lot of new people to teach because we have a very high goal as an area, district, zone, and mission for baptisms this month. we contacted an area for close to three hours with no success in the pouring rain.  we found one guy who seemed interested and i thought this was a miracle but then it turned out that he didnt have time to talk to us.  then we found a family that seemed at least a little bit interested and we taught them but then we found out they dont live there.  after this i was really frustrated because i knew that we were working hard to complete our goal with no success.  we returned to an area near our house at night and didnt know where to go.  i remembered a less active member that i had visited once with segard and so we went there.  the lady we wanted to visit didnt want to talk to us but we talked to her daughter who is an active member who gave us a refernce for this lady named Rosa who the missionaries have been working with for a long time, and she has the desire to get baptized!! we just have to work with her husband to get them married first.  after such a hard day i knew that this miracle was a blessing for our hard work during the day.  this week we kept teaching Maria who is going to get baptized on the 14th. she had questions about the temple because her daughter is a member who got married in the temple and she wanted to know why she couldnt see her daughters wedding.  we gave a super good lesson about the temples and it was so cool.  that is one thing i really miss while in the mission: not being able to go to the temple as much.  

one quick funny story before i go: we were teaching Rosa and her family (2 daughters and a nephew are members the rest arent) we asked the nephew, 12 years old, why he wasnt going to church and this was his answer; ¨porque soy malo¨ (it means because i am bad) hahahahahahahaha it was hilarious now everyone, including his family just calls him el malo hahaha

well i think that is all i have for this week.  still loving it and still sweating more than ever!! (i am kinda hoping that i get transfered to the mountains)

hope all is well back in the states!!


elder meyer