Sunday, July 27, 2014

Letter #61 - "OTRA VEZ?!?!" - San Isidro, Guatemala


so i guess i should start witht he big news.  so on monday night we got some big news, the other 2 missionaries that were living with us were being taken out of the area and we would be left with the whole area.  this is something that rarely happens in the mission but now it has happened to me three times..... so yeah that made this week very stressful.  we were basicallly running from one part of our area to other trying to get to all of the appointments that we had and that the other elders left us.  so yeah im still not really sure how we made it through the week but we did, but it was probably the most exhausting week of my entire mission.  but yeah it was good we are looking to have at least two possible more baptisms this week.  

this month as a zone we have seen a lot of miracles and things here are just going wonderful.  i think there is one scripture that explains why we are seeing this success it is in d and c 103

36 All victory and glory is brought to pass unto you through your diligence, faithfulness, and prayers of faith.
so yeah i really really like that scripture and we should always be praying diligently so that God will keep blessing us

answers to mom's questions:
things in the ward are going better, i told everyone in the ward that we lost 2 missionaries because we werent getting the support we should (which isnt exactly true, but at the same time its not a lie...) so now they are gonna work more with us, now we just need to find the way to have them give us references.  the best thing i ate this week was my bday cake that and this really really goood chicken fried stake.  we taught 27 lessons this week to investigators and like 6 more to less actives.   this month we had one baptism so far but we are looking to end the month with 4 or 5.  investigators: maryuri and emily will be baptized this week, mario, is a special case and we are waiting on approval from the Prophet to baptism him, jennifer is super cool and will be baptized in the upcoming 2 or 3 weeks, hugo is super cool and loves the church he just doesnt want to get married.  gary is awesome, knows the church is true, just cant get permission from his dad to go to church or get bpatized.  im sorry i forgot to take pics of the house, the good news is we cleaned it today so i will be able to take them today and send them next week.  but it is kinda lonely with only two... being a dad is great it is hard some times because there are things that i know my son (companion) needs to improve  but i dont want to sound mean and I dont know how to help him.  where we live is like starting in the foothills then we go up the the mountains.  very green, it was rain foresty before people came.  still no word on the shoe package but maybe this week.. 

thanks so much for all that you do to help me.  im working with my comp to give the money to the family  -we are just gonna put it in an envelope and then leave it in their house
i hope you all  have a wonderful week


elder meyer