Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Letter #4 - Guatemala City CCM

hola all,
so i am still here in the ccm.  to be quite honest there is very little to say.  every day we wake up, study, eat, study, teach, and learn spanish.  thats what all day everyday is like haha but anyways i guess i could tell all of you about the super exciting trip we had to walmart haha so we took a bus through the city to walmart.  the drive was absolutely stunning.  guatemala city is on a hill and as we drove over one of the big ones we got a great view of one of the volcanoes, and it looks just like it does in all to movies haha just a big cone shaped volcanoe but that was pretty dope.  we got to walmart and had a half hour to buy stuff, nothing too exciting but it felt exactly like a walmart back home in good old murica haha but then we got to go eat food at a way nice mall which was sweet, i never thought pizza hut would be so exciting, but it was haha. besides that there isnt too much more to say to all of you... i love being here, even though i sweat constantly, even though i feel like i am in jail, even the food isnt the greatest, i dont think i have ever been happier.  this church is true!! love you all, to any of you reading this please send me even just a quick email i would love to hear from all of you.
con amor
elder meyer