Monday, July 15, 2013

Letter #10 - Las Brilliantes, Guatemala

dear all
first of all THANK YOU FOR ALL OF THE BIRTHDAY EMAILS- I HAD 44 EMAILS!!! HOLY CRAP!!! you are all the best friends and family ever! it was another great week here.  i dont have a lot of time because i took forever reading all of the emails but here is what happened this week.  we worked.   the end. 

haha but really we worked hard all day every day but saw close to zero success.  the worst was yesterday (my bday). we have a bunch of people we have been teaching and none of them went to church; most of them didnt even have a reason not to go..... so we are making some pretty serious changes here to try and find more receptive people.  then that night when we came back to the house we found it flooded........... so yeah it was a rough day but i got a bday cake. in guatemala the tradition is that the person with the birthday takes a bite of the cake before it is cut or served and then someone shoves their face into the cake. NO JOKE. so i was told i had to take a bite of the cake first and then i had a face full. hahahaha i love it. 
so yeah that was my week.  hard work. little progress but all is well.  i am excited to take a new approach this week and change everything up.  this week i also learned how awesome king benjamin in the book of Mormon is. chapters 2 to 5 of mosiah have a ridiculous amount of amazing counsel and oh my gosh i just love it. 
well i cant think of anything else for this week.  still sweating, working, and loving it.  spanish is geting a little better each and every day.

hope all is well


elder meyer