Monday, August 12, 2013

Letter # 14 - Los Brilliantes

well the weeks just continue to fly by here in Guatemala.  yes it is still as hot as ever, but it is raining less which is not good because that means it is super hot all day and all night!!! but anyway this week has been a very tough one.  as i memetioned last week the other two elders that galvez and i were living with left to go work in another area.  this doubled the size of our area which means a lot more walking.  but this week galvez and  i really wanted to focus on finding new people, in particular families, to teach, because we have a few very positive people but if everything turns out well they will all be baptized by the end of the month leaving us with no one to keep teaching.  this week i would guess that we spent 30ish hours trying to find people, with zero true success.  i was  so frustrated with this.  i was talking to galvez about this lack of numerical success, every day we report numbers to the leaders of the mission.  and he said something very interesting.  he said: ¨what are you talking about we are not having success?¨ he reminded me of something very important; success is not the numbers you report or the baptisms you have, it is how much you love our Savior and how hard you work to feed His sheep, and in the process of doing this our own conversion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  this week i was also reminded of the true scope of Christ´s atonement.  He suffered for our sins, but also our pain, sicknesses, fears, frustrations, and every other negative thing we have felt. 
sorry i cant think of anything else this week worth writing other than i really felt like my spanish improved a lot, while i still need to learn more, i think i could get by just find with a latino comp that doesnt speak english... but we will have to see what happens at changes in a couple weeks haha. 
well i hope all is going well for all of you back home.

elder meyer
ps for those of you that are members do your missionaries a favor and give them a name of just one of your friends that isnt a member, i have learned the hard way how much more difficult it is to work without references this week haha