Monday, January 13, 2014

Letter #34 "Reading the scriptures is good but STUDYING will allow us to learn even more...." - La Blanca, Guatemala

well hello again

so i guess i will start with the news that there were no changes in la blanca so i will be with elder delgado 6 more weeks and keller and walton will keep living with us too!!! word on the street is that there has been a volcanoe erupting in this country but i havent heard anything about that, so dont worry im fine haha we did have a tiny earthquake that woke me up on saturday morning.  but yeah that was it for this week.

so anyway we had a rough week.  we spent just about the whole week contacting because we have not been able to find anyone who is progessing.  after all week long of contacting i felt pretty good because it seemed like we had some positive people and there were some that told me they were gonna go to church but then no one came.  it was pretty tough, but i am stoked for this upcoming week!! on saturday another member of the Seventy is coming and will meet with us.  then also last night we had our first meeting with our newly called branch mission leader and now we have a pretty good plan put together to work more with the members so that we can find more people and have more success.

this week i really tried hard to do a better job of studying my scriptures rather than just reading them.   as i did so i found many new things that really helped me understand things better.  really while reading the scriptures is important and good STUDYING them will allow us to learn even more and if we do so the scriptures will be more personalized for us and our needs.

well i cant think of anything else other than, i would ask that all of you please help my Heels get their act together and start winning games!

have a wonderful week


elder meyer




ps next week i will be writing on tuesday so dont flip when i dont write on monday