Monday, September 30, 2013

Letter 21 - "I Am a Child of God" - Los Brilliantes

hola familia

well it was another week here in brillantes.  and holy crap it was rough!!! things just seemed to go wrong all over the place but i guess that is part of the mission.  while it was rather difficult this week there were a couple of cool things that happened.  first of all on saturday night we had a ward talent night and a bunch of the people did random mostly funny things in front of everyone.  Galvez and i sang a song and then the two of us with the sister missionaries in our ward and the ward mission leader and a couple other people did a tongan dance and it was pretty awesome!! attached are some fotos of this pretty sweet night.  on a more spiritual note sunday was wonderful.  it was the annual primary program for our ward.  for all of you who dont know what that is, once a year all the kids in the church (ages 4 to 11) have a program they share with all of the adults.  it is always quite entertaining and usually hilarious.  this time was no exception; however, it was quite spiritually uplifting.  as all of the kids were saying their little parts i thought about the scripture in Matthew that says: ¨suffer the little children to come unto me for such is the kingdom of heaven¨ as i thought about the meaning of this scripture i realized that the children are so pure, innocent, sincere, and full of faith and love.  this is how we must act to enter the kingdom of God.  as they sang every time i just had a huge smile on my face and felt the spirit so strong.  while the songs where in spanish i knew the words in english and i just loved it so much!!! it made me remember the scripture in D&C that says ¨for my soul delighteth in the song of the heart¨ the words like ¨i am a child of God¨ and ¨we are as the armies of Helaman ... we will be the Lords missionaries to bring the world His truth¨ were so touching to hear.  

well that is really all i got for today..  it was a rough week but we are hopoing a for a better week with more success and more baptisms coming up...

also this upcoming week in general conference.  first of all HOLY CRAP THAT MEANS IT IS ALREADY OCTOBER!!!!! but second of all that means we get to hear the Lords servants teach us.  i was reading back through the last conference issue and one thing that stood out to me were the testimonoies of the apostles about Christ. many of them used words as if they had seen Him, and i dont doubt that they have.  i invite all of you to make sure you take the time to hear these words that will help you improve your life.

well that is all i got for this week.  yes it is still hot yes i am still sweating.  and if it is october that means basketball is coming sooooooo GO HEELS!!!!!

hope all is well back home


elder meyer